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I thank the Great Mother Earth for providing me firm ground to stand on and struggle from.

Of the four elements--fire, air, water, earth--earth is the one I have always been aware of carrying me through distressed times. In the beauty of her forms and colors, I sought and received solace as a child. When there was total distress in my house, I went outside, smelled the earth, walked or ran on the ground, and gradually received some of her solidity.

As I heal I become more consciously aware of her gifts to me. She gives me gravity through which I can feel my body in relation to her. This relationship is steady and consistent, unlike how I felt about my body when I was being using and needed to let parts of me fly away. Now I feel my feet coming to stand more sturdily on the ground. I do not let anyone push me around. If I feel crowded I take a good stance and make a little elbow room.

I respect this Great Mother as both source and inspiration for my growing.

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