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MM, in the coming summer months I will post video speaker meeting JUST LIKE a real,speaker at A convention~ This is Niel C

Todays Meditation

We are better than we know. If
we can be made to see it, perhaps
for the rest of our lives, we will be
unwilling to settle for less. - - Anonymous

We are wonderful, capable human beings worthy of love and happiness. We all have a gift to give the world that can't be duplicated. No one else is exactly like us.
The problem is, we don't believe it. We are used to thinking about all our negative qualities and become expert at putting ourselves down. We have a hard time believing and accepting our own goodness and gifts.
When we have a negative attitude, only one person can change it--us. We have the power to choose to change our thinking--if we want to. It takes a courageous person to risk getting positive and hopeful. Getting sober is evidence enough that we have that courage.

Today let me believe I am better than I know.

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Great post thank you!


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