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At low moments, when I feel I have reached the bottom of my well of inspiration and do not know where to turn, I find myself led by my higher power.
Inspiration comes from many sources. It conveys hope. I might find inspiration in someone's writing, in spoken conversation, in the movement of a dancer, in a painting, in the beauty of a baby. Although these are many sources of inspiration, perhaps they are only one--the higher power's expression of truth beaming through on multiple channels.

When I feel as if my well is dry and there is nothing to tap inside me, I can look outside. I was frightened to do this as a child because it seemed safer to remain isolated and rely only on myself. But now I am capable of choosing safe places and reaching out to others.

I can put myself in a receptive mode and allow the hope of others to fill my well. They are my fellow human beings and may provide for me today and receive from me tomorrow.

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stay strong. if no one will help you i will. i understand the pain your in, your misery is shared with me. I hope inside your heart you can find a smile. and hope, i beleive in you. i hope you can smile in brightness once again. i also hope you can breathe in light no matter how dark light will always shine in your way. it takes time but you have to find it. in my path i found butterflies id like to know what you find in your path someday as well. signed- Snowy

Thank you! Great post!


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