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...I was a member at WSI for a while but account seems to have been wiped out so I signed back up.

I live in Southern Tier, but I am from Syracuse originally & want to move back. Hail & Merry Meet all! :)

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Nice to meet you. Hope your move goes well :-D
Thank you, it'll be at least a year, I'm thinking, but I'm going to visit soon. :)

I show up here from time to time but I find the chat/fourm difficult to navigate. I would visit more often but I spend more time tring to figure it out than actually using the site.

Miss Claudia
Yeah, I don't like the board here - there are all these replies to a reply that don't show until you go to reply yourself, which can be really a pain!

Are you in the Syracuse area? I just started using the site again, & I won't be able to move anytime soon but once I have my license I'm hoping to get up there at least once in a while.
I live in Binghamton and I'm attempting to start a wiccan study group. Not a coven just a group of people interested in pegan/wiccan learning. This way we can get together with like minded individuals and talk and learn from each other not just online.

Miss Claudia
Wow, neat! :D I'm just over in Elmira - as soon as I have my license, you can DEF count me in!

My e-mail if you'd like to discuss it more is:
Thank you for the offer, the help will be much appreciated. I find that people want to join but making the committment to time to do so seems to be a problem for most. I try to make the meetings on a Sunday when most people have time off and make it after 6pm. I typically ask that everyone bring a dish to pass figuring on about 8 people will attend. LOL past couple of times its only been 2 to 4 of us.

I would enjoy meeting someone who has an actual education in Wicca/Pegan religion.

I will write you at the email provided. Mine is Please feel free to contact me there as well.

Miss Claudia
Thank you so much! :D
You are very welcome.


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