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Hello all,


My name is Claudia and I am new to this group. I have been slowly studing on my own the Wicca way and I don't truely consider my self wiccan but a person aspiring to become full fledged Wiccan. With luck I will get an opportunity to chat with you all and get to know you through this site.



Thank you for your time


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im new to it all also i have to do a little at a time health isnt that great and i have to b carfeful about the people around me
Hello Susan,

I hope you recover from your illness quickly... But it seems like this will take me quite a while of fitting it into what ever time I have between home and kids and all sorts of other things that just pop up in life.

Claduia :-)
i know it can be hard when u have family i dont b ut i have a lot of illness and so does myhusband but im on here and there just send me message and ill respond i go by bluedoe in the chzat room but no biggie

hy claudia- add me *hugsyou* :)

Hello Kaaren I will add you


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