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This technique has been some time in the making, and I worked with my medical training in order to pull this one together. So. I hope that many of you can understand where it is that this shielding technique is coming from and also where it is going to go
Many of us know how to manipulate the energies around us, whether we are vampire or magick user. This takes that manipulation of energies one step further by linking it to one thing that produces countless amounts of energy throughout the course of our lives (of course, those of us that are vampiric know that this does not mean the energies that we need to maintain our balance of physical, emotional or mental well-being). This energy is more like that which the hydroelectric plants harness when they dam up the course of a river.

This technique is more advanced than some of the others I have listed throughout this book, however, it can be accomplished with practice, time and patience.

For this you will need:

Some quiet time... It took me about 30 minutes to set this up the first time

Incense that reminds you of safety, security and/or protection (I tend to use Jasmine or Sandalwood)

A candle of any color (I tend to use either red or white)

What you need to do:

Light the incense. Allow its aroma to fill you with the essence of protection/safety/security which you have picked it for. Give this feeling time to grow within you. KNOW that it has grown WITHIN you. This is the key to this shielding technique. KNOW that it has grown WITHIN you.

Light the candle. Focusing on the flame until you are comfortable, which should be right about the time you see the flame's aura. Remember that this is a symbol of protection/safety/security that you have worked with before. Allow this feeling to permeate you once again. Draw this feeling deep within your body.

After you are secure in this knowledge, focus on your heartbeat. Feel its strong and steady thrum below your chest. Focus in on your blood. Feel it race through your body. Follow the flow mentally from your heart outward through your arteries through every inch of your body, into your capillaries, those little circuit connectors of the circulatory system, into your veins and finally back to your heart. Follow this hydraulic system for a good five to ten minutes or so, until you can 'sense' the flow of your blood without too much problem (For those with a medical background or a good base in the human anatomy, this will be a bit easier, I know, but it will allow those of you who don't the chance to get to know your body a little more intimately).

Once you have done this, take that energy that is WITHIN you and put it into your blood, that internal hydraulic system that is in every human being on the face of the planet. Link the protective energies that you have gathered to that energy that is WITHIN you and allow it to flow freely throughout your body. This, in effect, accomplishes TWO things.

Firstly, it links protective energies to your own circulatory system, a perpetually recharging energy source that is present with you each and every day of your existence.

Secondly, it keeps all of your energies locked below your skin, making you virtually undetectable to those who might be 'searching' for you (great for those of us who don't like to be spied on by scrying techniques, astral projection or other such psychic or magickal means of detection).

By virtually, I mean that those you love and who love you will still be able to detect you. This is a good thing, for those of us that like to keep tabs on those we love, but can only be accomplished if we have linked to you before... Bonds such as familial, friendship, 'adopted' familial will work for detection sake.

Coincidentally, this technique has been used to cut off psy-feeding from untrained and unethical psychic vampires...

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My eternal gratitude for this one. I have unfortuanetly allowed one such to vampire and have been unable to block him off completely.


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