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After seeing a reference to a Priestess Syndrome I stumbled upon this natty subject at length....its offensive to me bec-ause I cherish the High Priestess Archtype...she's had a calming influence on my life while silently being a total bad-ass ruler of her Title...hurts to see her besmirched in any way, shape or form, although I do understand the thoughts conveyed as "maybe true"...Aluet & Over-Dover(cliffs of dover)My Lady needs me & I me queer if you will, I shall keep my chin up regardless!

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Seekers and Guides: A Balm for a Pagan Plague - High Priestess ...

May 20, 2013 - Symptoms of High Priestess' Disease include: arrogance, inability to accept criticism, emotional explosions, a compulsive need for control, …

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Yes, so if you fish around this Patheos Link you'll find that Priestess Rant sooner or later...*sadness*


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