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Hi. Someone needs to buy Gerald Gardner's books from private owners and allow them to be viewed in the public domain.   I am glad that they are being kept and kept well, however, I do believe that we should make these texts and his estate available to the general public to view and be seen and appreciated.  

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The First Step to do this is we need to watch for people who are selling these types of materials. Watching websites, eBay, etc. as well as ways to verify them. This will take a while, adn even when available they may not be affordable, but we need to find them first.

Thanks for this.
Ripley's Believe it or Not withdrew their half of the Gardner collection from display when they realized how much it was worth. They offered it to me for 60 thousand dollars, but it doesn't include the important stuff: His original book of shadows is owned by Richard James of Toronto Canada. don't know if he's selling. I originally wanted to study the books as part of my honors thesis, but I can't afford a trip to florida or canada. :D


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