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Don is looking at Cave Paintings He wants to include but has to prune them down.

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This is a hard one, is there anyway to have all of them but scale some down a bit, more or less a photo collage.
how many are y'all limited to?
I very much like the first one, as I feel it shows the connection we still have as people today to people long along. Anyone can see themselves in the hand print whoever they are or wherever they are from.I think it is a very important symbol to include.

I have visited protected sites in this country(US) that have contained pictographs or petroglyphs of hand prints it is moving to see them in person . But I get a similar feeling from just looking at the first picture.
I would include at least 3, the hands are a great visual for ancients sense of community, I love the phallic horned man-beast for its obvious meaningfulness, and I really like the hunting scene since that was such a huge part of early mans life and survival, and what they found sacred. The other paintings of the animals are pretty, and show how much early man relied on them for life, how important they were - but I feel like those 3 are more visually descriptive for the purpose of the museum. "there's my 2 cents! go buy some bubble gum" ;)


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