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We finally had to have a place for people who want to work on building a Museum over the long term. Museum's are not just collections of things, they are context builders and informational linkers. They tell a cultures mythological outlook, and shares that which is worth sharing. Museums form opinions in very subtle ways with long term effects. This is why I want people to help me think about this.

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i would be interested to know what exhibits you plan on highlighting for the museum, but certainly the history of many cultures and pagansim would definitely be a nice thing,
Blessed Be.

I am a member of witch school and I am looking forward to the opening of the museum. Salem Mass is near my home town, so I visit there often. I do hope in some small way this new museum covers Christian Witchcraft as well as Wicca. I have been a practicing Christian Witch for thirty two years and a professi...onal Psychic for twenty seven and although I have my own on line Christian Witch church, I find that there is little mentioned concerning my spiritual path. It is my belief that any intellectual stimulation on the subject of witchcraft is most needed and welcome in Salem Mass. If you should decided to incorporate this idea into the museums format, please feel free to contact me at any time for assistance on this subject matter. My knowledge and services are yours. Peace and Blessings,

Reverend Marie Carew
Merry Meet;
I am very excited about this museum !! But why not take it to the outlying areas in the state. I have three great uncles that were killed during the hysteria. They left Salem for Harvard Mass. I will help in anyway I can as this is such a fascinating project

Blessed Be
I am an eclectic witch and I am currently finishing my thesis in Divinity. I feel that everyone has the right to believe what feels right to them. I love learing about other peoples belief systems and I would enjoy learning about Christian Witchery.
I would recommend a room where people can experience the various forms of occult available to world and not just see them. though commonly people know about tarot, astrology, palmistry, but I have come across painting also as a form of occult and would definitely like to know and experience it.
i have posted your widget to Path of the Craft - Ignite the Flame of Creativity on ning so that you can get coverage on my end.

think anything interactive and anthing that can show the community what we are about is truly a good thing


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