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Underneath all of this, is the histroy we share. I am looking to compile a timeline of the Pagan World, from the simple and sublime daily life to big events. We can compose a really deep historical look at our community.

I hope you can help.

The first baby steps have begun at:

We have added new information. We added today's amazing event of March 17th.

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Mostly joined to let you know that your link is broken - it should be page, not pages. :)
Thanks...we are adding more material...could really use your help.
I may be able to contribute, Since I am in the middle of a timeline of religion in general. I can certainly forward any Pagan events.
I have sent several emails with a lot of information for this. If they are not being received, let me know.
Emailed Ed with entries covering 9130 BCE through 1600 BCE. Will have next block completed shortly.

Hope those help.


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