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Merry Meet,


I am trying to get a hold of someone, to give me status on the paid premiums for the World of Witches Museum, of which I have yet to receive.


I have left voice mails and emails, all with no response. :(


Can someone please tell me who I can contact regarding this issue.



Najah Lightfoot Bagley

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What is a premium?
Hello Rowanegypt,

The premiums are the rewards, the backers of the Museum were promised for their financial support.

The last message in Kickstarter was on July 4, 2010 - which stated premiums would be mailed out by the end of that week.

As of this date, I haven't received anything. :( And I'm very excited to be a backer of the Museum!
I too am excited to be a backer. I haven't received anything either.
Thank you for your reply. It helps to know I'm not the only one who hasn't received their premiums. Hopefully we'll hear something or recieve something soon!

Blessed Lammas to you,
You just need to give them time. Witchschool only has a few employees and they are always busy busy busy. Things tend to run on "Pagan Standard Time" around here anyway, lol. They aren't gonna rip you off, so just take this time to practice your patience. The greatest part of supporting WoWM is getting real information about real witchcraft out there, and that is what it is all about. The premiums were just gimmies. There is no reason to call and email and harass them about it, Witchschool is very small, and very lightly organized. Be patient.
Thank you for your comment Emairelhd, as a reminder to practice patience, even when responding to postings such as your comment.
Regardless of Pagan Time or not, business is business. When one asks the community at large to support an endeavor, and then the funds are immediately withdrawn from one's back account, the organization should be prepared to recipocate in a timely manner. The premiums are not just gimmies, they were incentives and motivators for people to contribute to WoW. I do hope WoW will respond soon, since this is not a good business practice to entice people to donate and then not follow through on commitments.
Blessed Be,
While I will enjoy the freebies, they are just that. I donated because I know it is a wonderful cause and I am proud to be part of it. The freebies are just icing on the cake.

Bright Blessings,
If the World of Witches Museum was a "freebie" they would not be charging admission, nor would they have needed $3000.00, to open the Museum. This post is not an attack on the Museum or it's workers, it's simply business! If I didn't support the Museum or the cause, I wouldn't have donated in the first place. I will still be awaiting an update from the Museum staff.

Blessed Be,
Hi everybody,

On answer to premium...we have had a brutally difficult month with suppliers, and we got delayed. We will be sending out the premiums by the end of the week. We apologize deeply. This took longer than we ever anticipated.
Thanks for the patience, and we appreciate your concern, your support, and your awareness to these events.

Thank you Rev. Ed,
I appreciate you all are busy at work making a great tribute to for for us. What I meant in my response above was that although I will enjoy the premiums and be excited to share them with others, I did not donate because I was going to receive a "prize" for doing so. Can we all try to be patient. Good things come to those who wait...

Yay, yippie!! Thank you Ed for your response. It is much appreciated.

Wishing you and WoWM, Bright Blessings,
Najah Lightfoot Bagley
Hello Ed,

I hope you are enjoying October and getting excited for all the great events this month. Just checking, I haven't had any status on this issue since August. Do you have an update for us?

Many Blessings,
Najah Lightfoot Bagley


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