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Merry Meet,


I am trying to get a hold of someone, to give me status on the paid premiums for the World of Witches Museum, of which I have yet to receive.


I have left voice mails and emails, all with no response. :(


Can someone please tell me who I can contact regarding this issue.



Najah Lightfoot Bagley

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I have put off stating my concerns about my not receiving the premiums because I know Witch School has been so busy doing great things for our community. It is now December and I still have never received them.

While I did not donate to get a reward, I feel that I have been shorted and I don't want to feel this way.

If it turns out there was a shortage of items I will be ok with that, but please let me know what happened.

Blessings to Witch School and all her student in this wonderful Yule Season,

Lady Rowan

As posted on Facebook and KickStarter:

Hello Rev. Don! I received my World of Witches Museum package this weekend. I know as backers of the Museum, we have been embroiled in a long battle regarding the KickStarter premiums. From my heart of hearts, as a practicing Witch and supporter, I thank you for making this right. The program book is well-written. I was very happy... to see Tituba on the cover. I wish you and the Museum the very best.
Blessed Be.

In addition - if there is an annual way to support the Museum, please let me know, as I will be happy to continue to support your efforts.


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