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I am working on a google map with locations. It is not completed yet, but I continue to add new locations. If you have a location that is not on the map, you can send it to me at

Crystal Web Map

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how can we get someone who is close to contact us about the crystal web node they created and to help us get ideas for and such to set up our own??

I am sorry Rob, but I don't quite understand what you are asking. Do you mean you see a location on the map that is close to you physically and you want to contact the person who buried the crystal? Or if are you just wanting information about the web itelf and how to choose a spot and a crystal... you can see the manual:


I was wondering how I could get the person that has created a node close to me to contact me in some way ... for more reasons than just the crystal web but that would be a starting point ... them helping me with ideas for a node closer to me \

Not everyone who sent in their crystal location gave me their name. Some were anonymous. But if you want tell me where the crystal is that you are asking them about, and I have their information, I will see if they would be willing to contact you. You can also post a message in here if you wish, but I know this group isn't as active as it used to be. I am hoping to change that... but so much to do, so little time.. lol

I added a quartz crystal in my garden added to the worldwide crystal,-1.1652&z=16&t=m&;...
calle rio castril

Please add Moundsville, WV, Between my friends and myself we have a number of points in and outside of town. Also some at the Grave Creek Indian Mound in town.

please add Lincoln NE to the map. my friend and I planted one each! thankyou!

I have removed it.

I had thought our 2 crystal placements in Knoxville had been logged back in 2006 & 2007 but they are not on the new map. Ooops. There is a pin on the map for our city now so I wonder if the total of 3 (our's and another member's) are too close in proximity since that single pin location shows a crystal being inside the old Baptist Hospital not in the ground (the area has been entirely paved and built upon since before the Crystal Web was started).

I added pins to the map of all crystals that I knew about, but many of the locations were not site specific, only by city. If you have an address and want me to replace the pin to another location, please send it to me at

I sent you address and coordinates.

I did receive it and I am going to add those. Thanks.


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