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Here is the outline of what we covered in the first meeting.
I suggest that each person get a notebook into which they can keep notes as we go through the runes. Anything that is suggested that you should enter into your notebook is marked with a (+)
If you would like to share any of your thoughts, in-sites, findings, feelings or what have you feel free to do so. If you are responding to a particular question, please indicate such in your post so that the group can better understand and respond to your posting.

Full calendar of events is here

Introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in the runes
write down your understanding of runes (+)
goals in studying them (+)

identify resources
group book: Taking up The Runes by Diana L. Paxson (it is suggested that each person in the group have a copy of this book so we all have some common ground when having a discussion. You can Get the books here)
individual book: Pick a book you're interested in to give you a different perspective (try: Get the books here)
website: find a GOOD website on the runes for a wider view.
Elder and Younger Eddas: a copy of these will help place runes in historical context. They are in the public domain, so you should be able to find them online.
video/forum response: HERE!

What order will we work through the futhark?
The Elder Futhark, in order from Fehu to Othala, then Wyrd, and then on to other Runes not in the Elder Futhark
When will we have meetings?
Once a week on Wednesday nights 7pm EST
(at 57 Wharf St, Salem MA)
what will we do during the meetings?
Discussion of a rune
***should we do a ritual for each rune or just discuss how to do so?***
Rotating leaders – based on who wants to lead a rune
Should we wear distinctive clothing?

history of the runes
Read up, take notes. ***We will discuss next week!***

how to work on runes between meetings
notebooks – record your experiences (word/pictures/collage/etc)
put something on your altar
meditation/runic yoga

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