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So far I'm on lesson 6. It has been about a year since I started so I would say I'm super slow. Is anyone else there on the first degree? How are you finding it?

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I just started. I'm getting ready to take my first test. Did you take classes before you signed up for First Degree?

I'm starting lesson 11 in about two weeks. I wasn't working on it for a time but then a mentor emailed me and I got back on it. I like it it's just the information is really general. I can't wait to get to the second degree. I know the first degree has videos that accompany the chapters and I like those because I can play those over and over again to learn the material. Have you been able to find any videos for the second degree or does anyone know of any links to videos for the second degree? I've looked on youtube but can't find any.

I don't believe there are any. I am completing my FD and am on lesson 10. I went ahead and ordered the SD book, but yes, I'll miss the videos too. "Hellooooooo" (Always brings a smile to my face).

Life has a way of getting in the way, y'know? :) I'm glad to say that I find the book and the tests challenging, it's not a simple read and test for me. I really need to pay attention, work with the exercises, and some of the questions are tricky for me. This is a relief for me because I am actually learning something for once (it's not fluffy material). I've always worked intuitively, not by books, so this is new for me. Some of it is a review of techniques I've used for years (but am a bit rusty on), other stuff I knew but only superficially. I'm enjoying it, just slow going because "life happens." Like you, I started this a while ago, but family/work/school intervened. I am hoping that 2017 will be my year to complete my First Degree and really get settled into WSI finally. I already purchased the 2nd and 3rd degree books, so I'm planning to continue to the end. I'm a Solitary, always have been, very eclectic and hedgey. I think WSI is the only place I have a chance of fitting in :)

I just finished up with all the forst degree classes! I found the ministry class especially helpful in understanding the structure of the Tradition. It really cleared up a lot of the questions I had. I am working on my application for priesthood right now :) I do plan to move on the second degree but I want to wait a while first...

I'm on lesson 2...after nine years! Lol! So I wouldn't say you're slow at all, rather life happens in all of it's glorious messiness! I really like the information, it's basic, but quite appropriate. Looking forward to the future lessons.


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