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Risus Divino's Groups (11)

  • Circle of the Sacred Drum School of Shamanism

    32 members Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2015

    Online community for Wiccans of all traditions that are Shamanic Practioners or interested in Shamanism. This group intended purpose is to provide…

  • Spirit of Service

    13 members Latest Activity: Jul 27

    Many claim to be called to clergyship, but how many actively serve their communities in more than a superficial way? This group is for those who…

  • School of Reiki

    83 members Latest Activity: Oct 12

    This group is for students of the School of Reiki.

    Sign up today at Reiki School and become a reiki practitioner or healer.

    All Reiki…

  • Traditional Witchcraft

    18 members Latest Activity: Jul 27

    Simple steps to raise energy to perform your own personal magick. Create and control thought forms. Mirror Magick. Chants, spells, and…

  • Book of Shadows Club

    2053 members Latest Activity: Nov 30

    This club will be sharing Book of Shadow Pages and Art, as well as discuss different styles of Book of Shadows. We will be adding public domain…

  • Order of Mental Mediums: Mediumship course group

    155 members Latest Activity: Jul 27

    This group is for people serious about studying mental mediumship. Welcome!

    The group is part of the Correllian Order of Mental Mediums

  • Pagan Witches

    14 members Latest Activity: Jun 27

    This group is for those who are busy accumulating Knowledge, but yet want to keep their Pagan identity...Study, Socialize & posts of interests…


    416 members Latest Activity: Jun 6 This group is for members who make potions and would like to share their recipes and uses and for anyone who is just interested them.

  • Skype Connection

    117 members Latest Activity: Jun 27 Using Skype to connect to others for online Rituals, Study Groups, Mentoring, Discussion Groups, etc. Share your Skype info here, and invite others…

  • Nashua, NH

    9 members Latest Activity: Jun 3 For supporting local Witch School members with fellowship, resources, information and news in your area. We provide knowledge and support to local…

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