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  • REV. ED's FIrst Degree Study Group

    6 members Latest Activity: Oct 30, 2018

    Greetings, This group is for Rev. Ed's First Degree students. Greetings, My name is Ed, I am currently a second degree clergy member, and a first…


    55 members Latest Activity: May 28, 2020 This group is for members to come up with monthly editorials one each month or just a single one.

  • Ritual Writers Workshop Group

    8 members Latest Activity: Jun 5, 2018

    Before the closing of the World of Witches Museum, I was working on a different approach to writing rituals inspired by the workshop process used…

  • Witch School Black Hat Society

    266 members Latest Activity: Nov 22, 2019

    Black Hat Society: We will provide every new member, a sisterhood or brotherhood of witches who can help with any situation, problem that you may…


    234 members Latest Activity: Jan 1, 2019


    Here's where you can find graphics

    or backgrounds to use right here on Witch School! Browse through the discussions to find…

  • Taiwan

    1 member Latest Activity: Mar 8, 2011 This is the touch stone group for our members and students in Taiwan.

  • Malaysia

    3 members Latest Activity: Jul 17, 2020 This is the Touch stone Group for our Friends and Members in Malaysia.

  • China

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 27, 2012 This is a Touch Point Group for our Members and Students in China.

  • Ghana

    17 members Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2011 This is the Touch Point Group for Students and Members in Ghana.

  • Angola

    1 member Latest Activity: Mar 1, 2011 This is the Touch Point Group for Witch School Members in Angola.

  • Azerbaijan

    8 members Latest Activity: Mar 11, 2011

  • Bhutan

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2011 The Touch Stone Group for our students and members in Bhutan.

  • Philippines

    121 members Latest Activity: Dec 21, 2015 The Official Touch Point Group for all our Students in the Philippines

  • Micronesia

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 15, 2011 This is the Official Witch School Group for serving the people of Micronesia.

  • Pagan Pickers

    16 members Latest Activity: Mar 28, 2019 For Flea-Market-scavengers, Garage-Sale Junkies, Goodwill-lurkers, and mad collectors of all kinds who find found objects to be absolutely Magical.

  • World of Witches Museum Think Tank

    124 members Latest Activity: Jan 7, 2019 This is the working think tank for the World of Witches Museum. We are hoping you will enjoy this project and help us work on building a world class…

  • Syracuse, NY

    33 members Latest Activity: Oct 2, 2014 For supporting local Witch School members with fellowship, resources, information and news in your area. We provide knowledge and support to local…

  • Brisbane

    27 members Latest Activity: Oct 22, 2018 This is for Witch School International students in Brisbane, Australia

  • Sydney

    35 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2017 This is for Witch School International students in Sydney, Australia

  • Canberra

    7 members Latest Activity: Oct 27, 2013 This is for Witch School International students in Canberra, Australia

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