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Chat Room Guidelines ...


Chatroom etiquette is basically the same rules you learned in kindergarten:

· Don't shout – we can see your posts just fine without Caps on
· Don't make rude comments – threefold rule applies here
· Don't incite heated arguments – outbursts are bound to happen, but don’t fan the flames
· Don't use curse words - an occasional slip is okay, but don’t make a habit of it
· Don't try to hit on people - this isn’t a dating service
· Don’t boss other people around - this isn’t your job in here
· Don’t try to sell anyone anything – that is what your own pages are for
· For a complete list of Chatroom Guidelines see below.


Your Username should not be offensive, or would create the Chat Room or Forum to not feel safe to others. At our sole discretion we may cancel your membership if we feel that your username violates this guideline.

Age Requirement
If you are under fifteen years of age you are not permitted to use the Chat Room at all, in compliance with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Proper Communication
During chat times profanity, verbal attacks of others, on-line dating, advertisement of any sort, or promoting any business opportunity, is not allowed. Remember, this Chat Room is to be a place that feels safe to talk with others.

Please be courteous of others in the room. You should always be respectful of others' wishes. There are often times when conversations get emotionally intense, including the use of graphic language (not vulgar language). This is permitted in the proper context, but we ask that you try to remain courteous of other people in the room. It is also your responsibility to yourself to leave the Chat Room and return at a later time, if the conversations are counter-productive.

On-line Dating Policy
We strongly discourage our members from using the Chat Rooms as a means to participate in on-line dating relationships. There are many on-line Dating Chat Rooms, so there is no need to use this Chat Room for this purpose. Therefore on-line dating via the Chat Rooms is banned.

Additional Activities Not Permitted
Lurking, harassment, verbal abuse of another user, flooding, flaming, spamming, use of programs such as IRC clients, worms, bots scripts, or Trojan horses will NOT BE TOLERATED for any reason. Initiation or participation in any such activity will cause you to be banned from chatting and using the Forum, and may be cause to report the behavior to your ISP for termination of account. Be aware that we record the ISP of all visitors and users of the Chat Room and Forum. (Lurking means: "to hide and wait in order to ambush someone ." It doesn't mean just hanging around the site.)

We will not tolerate any sexual solicitations, any cruising for underage members, any stalking, or other dangerous behavior on this site. Offenders will be immediately banned, and we will provide any material requested by legal authorities when required.

These rules ensure that our WSI members have a safe and enjoyable experience when networking with others here. Continued inappropriate behavior may lead to banning or suspension from WSI site.

Posting Link Rule

In the course of a conversation in chat, a link may be posted with information about a topic or subject that is being discussed, or if someone asks that a link be provided for additional information about a topic. This may be in the form of an information site, a video, or a business website. As long as links are not being added constantly or in a way that is disruptive to the chatroom, this is permissible. Promotional links and posts for someone's own business website should be limited to that person's home page or blog post, unless specifically requested by someone in chat or via internal message system.

Chat Room Addiction
We define Chat Room Addiction as the following:
When a person:

· is showing excessive signs of co-dependency when chatting with others.
· is chatting more than a few hours a day.
· is chatting instead of taking care of themselves physically or emotionally.
· is avoiding relationships with others by chatting online.

At the sole discretion of the moderator, a person who appears to have a Chat Room Addiction, may be banned for an indefinite time from using the Chat Room.

A chatroom user may be banned from a chatroom or from the chat service completely. If they are banned, they will be banned for a minimum of 24 hours. Normally if a moderator is on duty, a user who is violating any of these guidelines will receive a warning prior to being banned.


Chat Room Moderators:

Kimberly Curry

Ravenwolf Greenfield



- - - - -


To report abuses of any of these guidelines,
please send an e-mail with date, time of abuse, username, and type of abuse to


Be Civil.
Attacking someone personally is not appropriate. For example, don't say "you're an idiot." Instead, you can say, "that's an idiotic position." Criticizing aspects of people that are beyond their control, such as their race, gender, immediate economic status, etc., are NOT acceptable and will get you thrown out of our forum and chat room.

You are not allowed to post messages where rudeness, obscenity, hatred, vulgarity, or any other "flaming" is directed at other users. Flaming that is directed at a chat room moderator or admin will be met with swift and strict action.

Excessive Profanity.
While you may use profanity lightly as a mere exclamation, to further express yourself or to underscore a point, you may not use profanity repeatedly in your posts.

Adult Material.
Adult material is strictly prohibited. You may not post or link to any adult and/or obscene material on this forum.

You may not post messages that promote commercial products or services, or any form of self-promotion. This includes affiliate links or links to your own products or services. If you are interested in advertising on our site you may contact us for rates or to report spam

Be Sincere.
Don't post just to get people riled up. Don't disrupt the purpose of the chat room or forum which is to foster genuine and constructive dialogue between people.

Do not post messages that contain intentional misrepresentation of facts, or intentionally distort the truth.

Do not change the subject of a thread or post or otherwise misdirect a chat discussion.

Do not pretend to be another user/member or otherwise lie about your identity.


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