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Correllian Lessons

Lessons in the Correllian Tradition
By Rev. Don Lewis-Highcorrell

These are abbreviated versions intended to be used for your Book of Shadows pages. You can find the entire First Degree Lessons on our main class site. If you are not already registered you can do so Here

Psychic Shielding
There is one power in the Universe, and I am a perfect manifestation of that power. As such I will that the boundaries of my aura shall be strong and healthy, repelling all unwanted energy while remaining open to positive and healing energy. Safe within these boundaries nothing can harm me, for I am filled with the strength of the Goddess. By my will, so mote it be -and it is so.

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Higher Self Attunement
I attune to my Higher Self. I move in harmony with my Higher Self. I am at one with my Higher Self. Oh Higher Self, I ask You to help me to see and understand the lessons of my life, give me clarity and courage to learn them, and help me to learn them with ease and joy. I rededicate my self to the purposes for which I entered this life and ask You to guide me through them.

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Clearing and Releasing
Visualize a bright white light pouring down from above the top of your head and passing through your whole body, exiting through the soles of your feet. Release all tensions, anxieties, and stresses in your being, imagine them flowing out of you along with the white light. Let it all pour out of you. Imagine the excess energy as little bits of darkness being carried away with the light as it flows through you. When the last little bits of darkness are gone, let the light stop coming down, and let the last of it flow out of you.

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Ritual Bath
O Mother Goddess, help me to cleanse myself now of all that holds me back or blocks my growth and progress.
Help me as I embrace my fullest potential and I open my heart to growth.

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