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LTWL - Season 1

Episode 19. Pt 2 -
Michelle Belanger

Part 2 continues our interview with Michelle Belanger. This is the final Episode for 2007. Living the Wiccan Life will return with a new season of all new shows in the Spring of 2008!!

Episode 19, Pt 1 -
Michelle Belanger

The Season finale, this episode includes the Rossville Festival of Lights parade, and a new interview with Michelle Belanger, author of the Psychic Vampire Codex and other works on modern vampirism.

Episode 18, Pt 2 -
Witches' Ball

In Part 2 of this weeks episode we attend the Official Witches' Ball in Salem. Ed The Pagan conducts "red carpet interviews" before the ball. Featured performers include the Dragon Ritual Drummers, Dark Euphoria, and Fiona Horne. Laurie Bruno delivers a tribute to the late Shawn Poirier.

Episode 18, Pt 1 -
Vampire Ball

Continuing our coverage of Hallowe'en in Salem, Ed The Pagan interviews Karen Cotton of the Hawthorne Hotel, and brings us footage from the Vampire Masquerade Ball including the Vampire Court, and dancer Dark Euphoria. We also learn that Christian Day is not Starhawk.

Episode 17, Pt. 2 -
Oracle Chamber

In Part 2 of this Episode Roving Reporter Ed The Pagan interviews Michael and Therese Pendragon of the Oracle Chamber.

Episode 17, Pt. 1 -
D. GreenWolf

This week Roving Reporter Ed The Pagan brings us more from Hallowe'en in Salem. In Part 1 Ed interviews Daniel GreenWolf of Strange Magick, and author Christopher Penczak.

Episode 16, Pt. 2 -
Durham, Newman

In Pt.2 of this episode Ed The Pagan interviews Jason Durham, Gatekeeper of the Festival of the Dead, and Jacqui Newman of Crystal Tides.

Episode 16, Pt. 1 -
Milton, Watson

Continuing our coverage of Hallowe'en in Salem, roving reporter Ed The Pagan attends the Festival of the Dead annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo at the Museum Place Mall in Salem. In Pt. 1 Ed interviews Terry Milton, the "Stone Lady", and crystal ball reader Rick Watson of "Bewitched In Salem".

Episode 15, Pt. 2 -
Leanne Marrama

In Part 2 of this episode Ed attends a presentation on traditional Italian Stregheria Witchcraft by Salem Witch Leanne Marrama. Leanne discusses the Goddess Diana, and the legend of the Goddess Laverna, Strega use of Catholic Saints such as St. Michael, the magic in cooking, demonstrates a classic lemon spell, and presents a rather original way to banish negative influences from ones life.

Episode 15 Pt. 1 -

This week roving reporter Ed The Pagan reports on his visit to Salem during Hallowe'en. In Part 1 Ed arrives in Salem, visits the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, tours the carnival, and encounters a street preacher in downtown "Witch City".

Episode 14 -
Raymond Buckland

This week Rev. Don interviews Dr. Raymond Buckland, author of countless books on Wicca and Metaphysics, at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Buckland discusses his passion for writing, changes he has seen in the Wiccan community over the years, and the use of the word "Wicca" and Gerald Gardner's attitude towards its use.

Episode 13, Pt. 2 -
Universal Expo

In Pt. 2 of this Episode we see Tibetan Monks making a sand painting at the Expo, and Rev. Don interviews Deborah Lindsey about sacred geometry and the Genesa Crystal.

Episode 13, Pt. 1 -
Universal Expo

This week Rev. Don travels to the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio, where he interviews Rose St. John and Cynthia Gaffney of Mystical Treasures and the Beaver County Ghost Hunters, and Psyche North Torok of Fly By Night Bookstore.

Episode 12 -
Joan Forest Mage

In the final piece of his coverage of the 14th Annual Fellowship of Isis Chicago Goddess Festival, Rev. Don interviews Shamanic Performance Artist and Healer Joan Forest Mage. Joan discusses her work on the central dance for the festival's Mystery Play, honoring the Egyptian Goddess Nuit and the concept of Shadow Work, and how this affected her metaphysically in the months leading up to the performance.

Episode 11, Pt. 2 -
Olivia Robertson

In Pt. 2 of this weeks episode Lady Olivia discusses her recent 90th birthday and the celebrations in her home at Clonegal, Ireland, as well as how she maintains normalcy in her life despite the prominence of her position.

Episode 11, Pt. 1 -
Olivia Robertson

This week Rev. Don interviews the Most Reverend Hon. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder and Head of the Fellowship of Isis, one of the worlds largest Goddess Spirituality organizations. Lady Olivia discusses various subjects including the Isian liturgy and Divine Inspiration.

Episode 10, Pt. 2 -
Amber Dawn

In Pt. 2 of this weeks episode Rev. Don interviews Voudun Priestess Lady Amber Dawn at the Chicago Fellowship of Isis Goddess Festival, and brings us the Oracle of Nut delivered by the Most Reverend Hon. Olivia Robertson during the Mystery Play.

Episode 10, Pt. 1 -
Janet Berres

Rev. Don continues his interview with LaSara FireFox, Aurora, and Marylyn "Mamma Bear" Scott. Aurora discusses her interest in ancient Egypt and her role in "Global Family Awakening" while Mamma Bear speaks of the importance of service and helping others.

Episode 9, Pt. 2 -
Selena Fox

In part 2 of this weeks episode, Rev. Don interviews Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary and the Lady Liberty League about the Veterans Headstone Campaign and the Goddess Libertas, among other topics.

Episode 9, Pt. 1 -
Madison PPD

This week join Rev. Don at the 10th Annual Madison Wisconsin Pagan Pride Day festivities. In part 1 Rev. Don interviews attendees, including Glinda the Good Witch. Join the fun!

Episode 8, Pt. 2 -
Correllian Lustration

In part two of this episode Rev. Don reports on the Lustration ceremony itself.

Episode 8, Pt. 1 -
Correllian Lustration

After a week off, Rev. Don returns with a two-part report on the Correllian Lustration gathering, held over Labor Day weekend. In part one Rev. Don reports on the Temple Deeming ceremony and initiations Saturday night.

Episode 7 -
Settling In

In this Episode Rev. Don talks to some of the Witch School staff about how they are settling in to the new Headquarters in Rossville.

Episode 6 -

This week Rev. Don answers viewers questions about the pros and cons of OuiJa Boards, while Lady Krystel offers a practical demonstration and Lady Debbe does a commercial for the Witch School store.

Episode 5 -

In this weeks episode Rev. Don answers viewers questions and Lady Krystel holds a séance for the staff.

Episode 4, Pt. 2 -
Michelle Belanger

In Part 2 of this episode Michelle Belanger -author of the Psychic Vampire Codex and the Revised Black Veil- discusses her work with Psychic Vampirism, and the nature of the Vampire community.

Episode 4, Pt. 1 -

In Part 1 of this episode we visit with Lady Bitterwind, First Elder of the Correllian Tradition. In Part 2 we have an interview with author Michelle Belanger.

Episode 3, Pt. 2 -
Oberon and Morning Glory

In Part 2 of this episode Morning Glory and Oberon Zell talk about their lives, their love, and their mission, as well as tips for Pagan business people.

Episode 3, Pt. 1 -
Elysia and Alison

Witch School is still unpacking from the move, but meanwhile Rev. Don offers interviews filmed at INATS -the International New Age Trade Show. In Pt.1 Llewellyn executives Alison Aten and Elysia Gallo discuss LLewellyn's history and give tips for getting your manuscript published.

Episode 2, Pt. 2 -
Raven Grimassi

Join the staff of Witch School International at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic as the interview Raven Grimassi. Then after the picnic proceed to Trianna Temple for an evening of initiations.

Episode 2, Pt. 1 -
St. Louis Picnic

Join the Staff of Witch School International as they head to St. Louis for the 15th Annual St. Louis Pagan Picnic. See interviews with attendees including Raven Grimassi.

Episode 1 -
Living the Wiccan Life

Join the staff of Witch School International in our own reality show! Join us in our everyday lives and jobs as well as special adventures including classes, rituals, trips, and special events, as well as interviews with interesting people!

Living the Wiccan Life -

Lady Krystel introduces the Living The Wiccan Life video series.

Living the Wiccan Life - Season 3

Living the Wiccan Life - Season 2

Living the Wiccan Life - Season 1

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