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LTWL - Season 3

Episode 51, Pt. 2 -

In part 2 of this episode Rev. Don interviews Babalawo Odi-Leke Alan Kulevich Ifa-Bi of the Ifa religion, who discusses the origins and nature of Ifa.

Episode 51, Pt. 1 -
EcHo Picnic

In part 1 Rev. Don interviews Lori Dake of Rotting Corpse Records, Janet Berres author of "Your Guide to the Tarot" and "Textbook of the Tarot", and Nikki Diamond of the Crystal Lake Tarot Meet Up.

Episode 50, Pt. 2 -
Mike Nichols

In part two of this episode Ed The Pagan interviews Mike Nichols, author of "The Witches Sabbats".

Episode 50, Pt. 1 -
Martin, Sellars

In this 50th episode of "Living the Wiccan Life" Rev. Don interviews childrens author W. Lyon Martin and novelist M. R. Sellars at the St Louis Pagan Picnic 08.

Episode 49, Pt. 2 -
R. Higginbotham

In Pt 2 of this episode Rev. Don interviews author and community organizer River Higginbotham.

Episode 49, Pt. 1 -
Dugan, Hinkle

Continuing our coverage of the St. Louis Pagan Picnic 08 featuring interviews with Brittany Hodges of Snapdragon Designs, acclaimed author Ellen Dugan, and author and radio personality Terry Hinkle.

Episode 48, Pt. 2 -
M. Mueller

Coverage of the St Louis Pagan Picnic '08 continues with Mickie Mueller, artist of the Well Worn Path and the Hidden Path.

Episode 48, Pt. 1 -
ST L Picnic

Coverage from the St Louis Pagan Picnic '08 includes interviews with then Co-chair Charlyn, Karen D, merchants Fire and Water, and attendee Meghan Hubbard.

Episode 47, Pt. 2 -
Oberon, Don

Special Reporter Mark Mandrake interviews Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and Rev. Don Lewis who discuss, among other things, the idea of legacy.

Episode 47, Pt. 1 -
Oberon Reception

Footage from the reception held for Oberon Zell at Chicago's Holy City Temple. Includes brief interviews with Arch Priestess Traci Logan Wood, Tarot author Janet Berres, Nicky Diamond, Louvel and Lisa of the Occult Bookstore, and Oberon Zell Ravenheart.

Episode 46 -
Selena Fox

In this episode Rev. Don interviews the great Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary who discusses the Parliament of World's Religions, the history of Circle, and how she herself came to Paganism!.

Episode 45 -
Nora Cedarwind Young

Don interviews Rev. Nora Cedarwind Young, Circle Minister, certified Death Midwife, and the first Pagan Hospice Chaplain in the United States, who discusses her ministry and the importance of having good end-of-life care available for Pagans.

Episode 44 -
Shel Skau

In this episode Rev. Don interviews Circle Minister Rev. Shel Skau at one of this years many parties honoring Circle's 35th Anniversary.

Episode 43 -
Yvonne Conway

In this episode Rev. Don interviews Yvonne Conway who discusses her activities with, Covenant of the Goddess, and the Conference on Current Pagan Studies.

Episode 42 -
Donald Michael Kraig

In this episode Rev. Don interviews author Donald Michael Kraig who talks about his new novel "The Resurrection Murders", his friendship with the late Scott Cunningham, and how he came to metaphysics.

Episode 41 -
Ellen Evert Hopman

In this episode Rev. Don interviews Druidic author Ellen Evert Hopman, author of the Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine, and many other works.

Episode 40 -
Lydia Crabtree

In this episode Rev. Don interviews Lydia Crabtree of Family Wiccan Traditions International.

Episode 39 -
Macha NightMare

This week Rev. Don interviews M. Macha NightMare who discusses Cherry Hill Seminary and its work.

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