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Witch School Website Rebuild

Witch School Site To Be Upgraded!

The new site will come online around the end of October. Barring any major testing problems our expected ETA is October 25.

To facilitate testing, the Witch School website will be temporarily frozen starting on October 10 until the new site comes online around the end of October. This will allow us to thoroughly test the new site and all of its features without the risk of accidentally disrupting the database or losing anyone's progress in the process. During the freeze you will not be able to access the site, but we do plan to offer as much content through our social media and other platforms as possible during this time. We know that this is a huge inconvenience, but it is necessary for testing and we feel that the new site will more than make up for it.

Basic memberships will still be free, but there will be new prices for supporting memberships. This will not affect existing supporting memberships in any way: anyone who has an existing monthly or yearly membership will remain at the same price as long as those memberships continue to renew.

Please be aware that when the new site comes online it will bring with it new pricing. Witch School has not raised our supporting membership prices in many years, while our expenses continue to climb to maintain the servers, domain registrations, etc. We have done a thorough competitor analysis and found that even with the anticipated new pricing structure we will still be less than 2/3s the cost of nearest competitors., the Seminary of the Correllian Tradition, will have vast improvements made to it in the near future in the form of a $25,000 professional site rewrite.  We need your help to make this happen!

But why a rewrite? Good question!

  • The site's software is no longer supported by the vendor.

  • Enhanced navigation for students and volunteer staff.

  • Improved ability to add new content; many new courses to be added with the upgrade.

  • New navigation of course catalog by language.

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