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Witch School Website Rebuild

Witch School Site Has Been Upgraded!

After 18 months and an investment of $25,000+, the site has been completely upgraded for both the code and quality of server the site is housed on. Our dedication to Pagan Education for Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime continues!

Many things have changed if you are an existing member. We have attempted to build into the new site many enhancements in functionality as well as to enhance all user's experience. Please be sure to watch the Announcement videos that are on the first page after logging in to learn of the changes and how to navigate on the new site.  The site is broken into two sections. The Main Site houses all the general information and course catalog while the Dashboard houses all the information related to your specific account.  Toggle between the two by utilizing the icon in the upper right corner of the landing page linked below.

As with all new site releases, there may be a few bugs that users will find.  If you find one, please send your account information, a complete description of the issue found, and a screen shot if possible, to However, please be sure to watch the Announcement videos first to insure that it's not just a change in how the new site works from the old one.

Please be aware that the Supporting Memberships created on the new site have a new pricing structure. Witch School has not raised our supporting membership prices in many years, while our expenses continue to climb to maintain the servers, domain registrations, etc. We have done a thorough competitor analysis and found that even with the new pricing structure we will still be less than 2/3's of the cost of nearest competitors.

Free Basic Memberships will still be free. Free Basic Memberships still have access to over 30 courses at WSI. Supporting Memberships have access to all courses offered at WSI, soon to surpass 140 courses, and the ability to request a mentor for any subject of study. The above mentioned price increases for Supporting Memberships will not affect existing Supporting Memberships in any way: anyone who has an existing recurring Supporting Membership from the old site will retain their membership at the same price from the old site as long as those memberships continue to renew.  All Lifetime Memberships will continue to be supported for the lifetime of the owner of the membership.  However, new Lifetime Memberships are no longer available for purchase.

If you have any questions about Witch School International, a subsidiary of Correllian Education Ministry a 501c3 seminary of the Correllian-Nativist Church, please always feel free to e-mail with them.

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