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Small Booklets

Please note: There are TWO files involved for each of these booklets, one for printing the booklets, and one for reference as to the proper alignment. Please watch the video at the bottom of the page for details.

5MS-0 Align File
5MS-0 Print File

5MS-1 Align File
5MS-1 Print File
5MS-2 Align File
5MS-2 Print File

5MS-3 Align FIle
5MS-3 Print File

5MS-4 Align File
5MS-4 Print File

5MS-5 Align File
5MS-5 Print File

WIC-01 Align File
WIC-01 Print File

ACC-01 Align File
ACC-01 Print File
ACC-01 Cover File

TCW-01 Align File
TCW-01 Print File

CSR-01 Align File
CSR-01 Print File

Instructional Video for Making the Small Booklets


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