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Since Witch School's inception we have offered Lifetime Memberships -a Lifetime of Witch School for a single price. We have gotten many wonderful Lifetime Members and they have gotten a great value -perpetual access to all of our classes for years and years now! People who bought a Lifetime Membership when we opened in 2001 have enjoyed total access for 18 years, and will enjoy total access for many more!

However, as we move forward we find ourselves thinking of the long-term viability of Witch School. We want to ensure that Witch School remains strong for the next generation! As part of this, we are eliminating new Lifetime Memberships as of April 1, 2019, with all new memberships after that focusing on subscriptions.

We will always honor our existing Lifetime Memberships, and they will continue to provide total access to new and existing Witch School classes.

If you would like a Witch School Lifetime Membership for yourself or a loved one, now is the time to get one! New Lifetime Memberships will only be available until April 1!

Get your Witch School Lifetime Membership for $149.95! 

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