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Paganism Bringing Clarity for Me

For years, I have been fascinated by and amorous of Nature. In recent months, I have began reading up on and practicing Druidry. I must say, as exciting as it is, it has also brought me great clarity in my life. The most prime example is my decision to enlist in the Marine Corps. It is a decision I made before I knew anything more than "'Celtic' and 'Druids' go together in a sentence'". Now, as each day passes and I continue in my study and practice, I am more affirmed in my decision. I have… Continue

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You ... going from 1.0 to 2.0

Well, this is the first time that I've really felt that I needed to make obsequience to the invasive scrutiny of our vile governmental masters, but in the interest of staying on the right side of the FTC's ridiculous regulations I figured I should note that the copy that I have of this book came from the publisher at the… Continue

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Daily Reading for Monday, 1 February, Year 10 Aq.

Monday February 1

A new month is upon us! Our second month of the Daily Reading Blog! Today we begin the month of February and our reading for today is:




You will immediately notice that this is another one of those readings where every card is a Major Arcanum –that indicates that this will be a high energy day, a day whose happenings may be more significant than most. Our cards include the Tower, a Major Arcanum that signifies… Continue

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A Magickal Tool

Emerging from the coccoon of silence. The Goddess at the base of my spine awakens. She begins to arise. Slithering up. Sinks her golden teeth into my brainstem, transfering a potent medium. Watering the Lotus Bud between my brow, filling its vase with...Laughter.
A rich wine spills from the corners of my mouth. My eyes become diamonds sparkling in the sun. Laughter fills me. Laughter in the Temple, cleansing it. Hallowing it. A magickal tool.

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Cosmic Vision

He entered this earth-walk as a dreamer, now he leads his people with great warmth. His people, the people who accepted great peace, those who cried to connect to all life, the ones who treasured fullness of heart. Their path brought us here. In a time before books, before clocks, before the concepts were added that moved us away from ordinary mind, before water had been added to our wine, we walked with great spirit. A trickle of this spirit-stream yet remains, though few are even aware when… Continue

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As the cinderblocks of self-perception crash at my feet, a realization comes: I am responsible for every creature I create. Whether war-like or dancing, colorful or dark, I own them all. So I will face the 42 assessors and pay my debt with a smile. They're not me, but they're my responsibility.

Concentrating. Try to watch where each one goes, but they scatter quickly, lose sight of most.

So when you see the angry, they annoying, the somewhat possessed, don't react so strongly.… Continue

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Druid Daydream

Honey drips from crescent moon...stillness. Elevating him into the arms of Avalon for a split second. Then, Thump! Tumbling back to earth, yet content to commune with the pine needles of this grove.

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Flirting with Twilight

Flirting with Twilight. The phrase conjures up images of hot summer nights beneath a canopy of stars. Skinny dipping in the embrace of Nuit.

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Oaks twinning overhead. She the grove wandering Fairy Princess. Dancer on the path. Weaving in and out of this and otherworldly guises, while she teases away the masks of the others. Truth seeker. Pattern breaker. Her sword brings freedom, as much blood cleanses. Her crystal insights bend, but do not break Taliesin's reality tunnel as she directs his path. He allows himself to be lul-lulled-lullabied to sleep and finds himself in a fairy's web. The soft strains of her voice, so soothing, that… Continue

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Loki's Path

Loki leads me to his den and we enter, it is dark. The den is transformed into a cavern large enough for me to stand up in, we walk forward. From a light up ahead I see that the corridor is lined with earthen vessels. We reach a room in the center of the cavern in which burns a great fire. I see people facing the cavern’s wall opposite the fire, their left legs and necks are actually chained to this wall. Puppetmasters work between the fire and the people, these puppetmasters are engaged in… Continue

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Kite Fight

Saw 2 butterflies making love today...It looked like more of a kite fight. Some lovers part the way a kite fight ends. One surging higher and stronger, the other flailing...cut string...lost in space.

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Listen to my heart...beat!

When the spirit moves you, when you lock eyes you won't be able to let go. A new muse. The cycle begins again. Will you remember the lessons gleaned from the past?

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In days of yore,
On beaches of black sand,
Once we held it in our hand.
Ran with the wolves,
No time to dance,
She-wolves in heat,
Who needs romance?

Now to seaside parks,
We bring our daughters.
Look in their eyes,
See their age-tamed mothers.
Who’s really there?
I stop and shudder.
Another wolf begins to run,
Another nightsong to be sung.

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Old Tera

The honeyed moon drips dreams on the children below, her way of ensuring that the emerald green waters of Old Terra will never be forgotten

Streams in the desert, hope from despair

Mossy tendrils hang from the waterfall

Messengers from above

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Lights dancing in the pools below which shy hobbits prepare feasts human eyes shall never see


Meanwhile, fairies slide down silver moonbeams, visiting children in their… Continue

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Party Goers

Caught in delusions of separation he cuts me off. The center of the universe zooms by. I shake my fist, "you'll see!" Bass bumping, "can't hear me." Another drop in the ocean asserting his independence. "You'll see, we are one. Can't escape it!" One with the jerk on the road. Loved ones. Terrorists. All one. Drops cascading together down the waterfall. Destined for the same...pool. "What will you bring to this party?"

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Past Lives

Reality tunnels overlaid on one another each contributing to the kaleidoscope of this mosaic moment. As the light pierces the shards of what was once a uni-verse a full spectrum of color is revealed. I listen in disbelief and time collapses into her eyes. 'Trouble brewing there, must listen more closely.' Past lives illuminated in her stormy eyes as they contemplate the breaking waves. I don't remember the words, only the torn wings of the butterfly effect. Memories flooding in, remembrances of… Continue

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Rend The Veil

Indoctrinated, hypnotized. Society's hooks in me: judgments, attachments, assumptions. The ridiculous amount of projection I do keeps me from seeing the real you.

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The Pomegranate Verses

Mary the Revelator sings the lunatic blues as the moon fairies whisper the little death, "Goodbye ." Meanwhile the woman at the well anoints their next Queen. "Transmission through water, improves conductivity." Mary takes the stage, nervous, 3X4 cards, squeeking mic:

...Read the ethers in your restlessness: you of the ever-pacing, never ceasing thought. It's always the friendly ones that get jacked.You must remain consciously aware of your inner archetypes or else they may just show up… Continue

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"The Goat"

The other evening, in my never-ending search for "networking" events that might eventually lead to my finding a job, I attended a TweetUp hosted by @ColonelTribune in honor of the lauching of the new "TribNation" venture under the aegis of… Continue

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Daily Reading for Sunday, 31 January, Year 10 Aq.

Sunday January 31

Well, here we are at the end of the first month of Year 10 Aquarius, 2010 AD –and also the first month of our Daily Reading Blog! Here is our reading for Sunday:

Four of Cups


Eight of Swords

Our first card is the Four of Cups, which suggests energy being held back and unable to move. With it is the Moon, a Major Arcanum that refers to the importance of looking within for guidance –often when the Moon card comes up it is telling… Continue

Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on January 30, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

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