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Kick-Starting my Spirituality....

For the past few years, life has not been too kind to me. There has been one problem after another that has kept me from the things that I loved most, including my spirituality. But now I see that these problems were merely an excuse for me to run from my life, a way to procrastinate. Basically, I have been lazy and using these problems as an excuse. But this stops today. There is not a problem on this earth that is large enough to keep me from the Gods and my spirituality. I have overcome…


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Lionheart Automotive Shielding Sachet (L.A.S.S) by Tytus Lionheart

Lionheart Automotive Shielding Sachet (L.A.S.S) by Tytus Lionheart

A powerfully, magickal mojo bag from my own spell book. My fiance's old p.o.s van was acting strange and we kept getting into silly accidents. Finally we created and enchanted this sachet to shield the van and the next day the van was acting great. It lasted a longtime with out another accident till we sold it.


1 red…


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Continued of course...

Me again


So this evening I find that I am truely greatful for the life events that interupted my studies. It is always good to revisit your writings and teachings, things are forgotten or become lost. Revisiting my old writings and notes, sifting through page after page of a time not so long ago. I find that I was not so organized when that young. I have also found a bit of myself that was hidden, surprised to say right in front of my eyes.


My list of goals…


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Keether or Damballah & Ayida Wedo

In many paths we can see how the snake is represented as a go between for the spirit world and the material world, it is a powerful symbol of pure understanding, of achieving a higher state of being. We see the snake in the Kundalini as a way to pull our raw energy to the god head in order to tap into the universal flow of understanding. We see the snake dancing with its partner in a dance that represents the double helix, so inbred is this idea of the snake as a passage to the source that…


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Updates from the desk of the CEO

Hey all been getting this question alot today so I thought Id post it here to alleviate some peoples worries.

We are only stopping the sell of lifetime membership nothing else.

Current members will be honored forever and always have access to the sites.

A few other updates while I am posting. We are almost done with some changes to the layout of the site and you will see those going live soon. We are attempting to make the site more inviting to visitors on the first trip…


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So what I have been doing is....

In December I decided that the only way I was truely going to learn on my own about herbs was to take on a self study. While the Basic Herbs 101 is great, I wanted a bit more. I have long drives to work so it gives me lots of time to find videos on youtube where I discovered some older videos by Green Witches, Wiccans working with herbs and the like. One indivdual had suggested to learn about them is to jump right in picking an herb to learn all its ways: magickal, medicinal and culinary. Even… Continue

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First Contact

Hello I Ams,

I'm new here and this is my first post so bear with me. I don't know diddly squat about witch craft other than that they celebrate the cycles of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Well maybe I've heard a little about gods and godesses, but not very much. I've been wanting to learn to astral project for about 10 years now. I want to learn about Egyptian, Native American, and Greek gods. I also have some questions I want to ask God personally that arent answered anywhere else than a…


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The First

Well blessed be

This will be hopefully the first of many posts.

*** About Me ***

I am a woman of 35. Born March.

I have lived in the greater northwest region of the US most of my life. I lived a while…


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Accelerated Problem Solving

It may be just me, but it seems that when one begins a Magickal path or shortly after that issues in their lives start to occur quite quickly. I had read somewhere a while back about the phenomena but really hadn't thought much of it.

I have been a seeker for sometime, always looking here and there trying to find my path. Now that I have, things seem to be coming at me on a rather fast basis. It's like one is being forced to evolve, or turn and run. I have heard of others really…


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Stories of blurred ancestry ...

As regular followers of this space know, I don't read very much fiction … I used to, but haven't “gone there” much over most of the past decade. I bring this up not to introduce what would be a very rare fiction review, but to note that the author of this volume is best known for his…


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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

As I've noted numerous times in the past, one of the best uses of the Dover Thrift Editions (aside from nudging an Amazon order up over $25 to get free shipping) is that I can, for a couple of bucks, fill in some hole in my education. I've been aware of Ambrose Bierce's…


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How to dress up as favorite characters

Every kid has their taken in a comic, cartoon or even real people like . They want to become look like there idols in the way of their talk, style and especially their . Meanwhile, there are a lot of kids who are interested in Pretty Cure with two main characters: Cure Black and Cure White. But how to up like them makes children excited.

Dress up Games



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El Rvdo. Don felicita a la nueva directiva de Witchschool

¡Saludos a todos!

Me gustaría dirigirme a vosotros en esta ocasión para felicitar a Mike Ferrell, Lindsay Irvin y David Moore por sus nuevos puestos dentro de la familia Witch School. Como ya sabéis, Mike Ferrell, el jefe de soporte técnico de Witch School desde hace mucho, ha tomado el rol de CEO para la escuela. Lindsay Irvin se ha convertido en la Directora de Operaciones de la misma. Y David Moore es ahora el presidente de Tarot College. ¡Felicidades a todos vosotros, estoy seguro…


Added by Rev. Harwe Tuileva HPS on January 15, 2013 at 3:34pm — No Comments

Anuncio de año nuevo del Rvdo Don, Canciller de la Tradición Correlliana

Saludos a todos,

¡Y así comienza un nuevo año! ¡Bienvenidos al año 13! Tengo que confesar que no lamento demasiado que el año 12 se acabe. El año 12 ha sido difícil y triste para casi todo el mundo que conozco, y tengo esperanzas de que el año 13 sea mucho más amable. Podrás leer más sobre mis esperanzas para el futuro más abajo.

Me gustaría comenzar este año agradeciendo a la Primera Sacerdotisa Traci Wood por todo su apoyo y por la ayuda brindada durante todo el año, y también…


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Trapped Spirit

I think some other spirit is trapped inside my body. I know, this might sound crazy. But alot of strange, things has been happening to me. i need a spell, to release the spirit.

Added by Ameka on January 14, 2013 at 5:24pm — 2 Comments

hi mm bb and hugs,well i found out a few weeks ago when they put me in hospis my condition is terminal no time frame but you know what i mean well im going to live wath i got left to the  fullest and…

hi mm bb and hugs,

well i found out a few weeks ago when they put me in hospis my condition is terminal no time frame but you know what i mean well im going to live wath i got left to the  fullest and i love all of you my extended family…


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Man it literally has been years since I have posted anything here, why? Because I lacked the interest to stay here, but I got my desktop and found my old password to this account and looked back at my old blog posts and the like and realized how much I missed this website and the people in it. I've sort of fallen off the horse as it were to the path of magick and the like given I found it distasteful to the people who were in the magickal community abusing it to get with someone or make…


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Fashion Games

To prepare for new year and make a lot of plans, do you want to refresh yourself with new fashion styles? When I walked around some websites several days ago in order to find new dress up games, I found out some articles forecasting 2013 fashion trends.

By accident, while I didn’t know…


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Barbie Dress up games

To welcome New Year 2013, my parents allow me to have a house party with my close friends at the weekend. I’m really happy when hearing that, I could prepare the party by myself. And I need to make plan right now.

Someone said that partying was an essential part of the typical college…


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Personal Update 3 - Personal Healing & Avoiding Burn-out

So I'm slowly going to be trying to make a comeback. My last post said something about that and I didn't make good on it so well, but my life wasn't completely together yet when I posted that. My Home-life wasn't the best (very hectic and stressful), my jobs either sucked or rather non-existent so my financial stability wasn't there (still isn't but I'm in a better living situation now) and there was some other "Personal" matters going on with my life. I'm not going to share all the "Good,…


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