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February 2015 Blog Posts (16)

Loki Strikes Again

I prayed to Loki and Freya that my fiancee's parents would experience the same mental anguish that they were bringing upon my fiancee. I guess that I shouldn't have done that, though, because now my fiancee is having to deal with the pain that her parents are going through. (I guess that I should've cast a protection spell on her.) Anyway... The only stipulation that I put in the prayer was that if her parents realized how poorly they were treating her that their attacks would end. Anyway...…


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Saturday, February 21st, 2005

Good Morning Readers;

This evening we are under the Waxing Phase of the Storm Moon. The Storm Moon brings the Spring showers which will nourish our planet and our hearts after the long winter. The Waxing Phase is that time between the New Moon and the Full Moon. The Waxing Moon is a natural time to start projects you wish to bring to full force upon the coming Full Moon. Today the moon remains in Aries until 7:16pm when it will be Void-of-Course until Sunday evening at 7:28pm when it…


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Friday,February 20th, 2015

Good Morning Readers!

download (4)Today we enter the Storm Moons Waxing Phase, the time between the New Moon and Full Moon. It is time to build the strength of our intentions made during the New Moon. This Phase is about building, accomplishments, creativity, strength, growth and learning especially in regards of positive transformations. The Moon is in it's maiden phase of it's monthly voyage with the sign of Aries guiding it. Aries as we recall from yesterday, is an energetic sign,…


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New Icemoon

This is the correct link: http://www.blogtalkradio/tarotartist/2015/02/20/new-icemoon

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Broadcasted ritual for the New Icemoon

In this broadcast I give 4 lectures about the card of the Chariot in the Tarot. Interesting enaufgh to listen and learn, learn and listen.

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Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Hopefully you all slept well under the light of the New Moon. The Storm Moon today reminds us that Spring is on the way with it’s spring storms to nurture the spring plantings. This New Moon is also a Super Moon being quite close to the Earth in it’s orbit even if we were unable to see it so close to the Sun’s orbit. The New Moon urges us to make plans and set intentions for…


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Frozen but not Stopping

The winter weather seems to be following me. After two more weeks with snow, I thought I would get a break down south. Instead, we had an ice storm and record cold. The cold is getting to me. As much as I try to moisturize, my skin is dry.

I haven't been perfect in my new year goals, but I have kept up with what I intended with those goals. I'm not looking for perfection, just to find the time for the things that are important to me. Life can sometimes run away with you. It's…


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It's been a long time since I've been here. Things have changed for me. I've gotten married and moved to the UK. I've been in England for two months now. Currently living in Waddington. It's a bit different coming to a new country from the USA. Trying to adjust is the hardest. Not having any family or a lot of friends here. But I'm working on it.

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Help ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

there is some practiceing the dark art on me! what do i do to quietly resolve this. i can't say his name for fear that he may be on this site. if any one can help me please i need help. i'm desparite.

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Podcast 2 - The Full Moon of the Longest Night

I made a ritual for the Full Moon of the Longest Night. The ritual is completely according to Correllian Tradition and contains 4 interesting readings about the tarotcard of the Sun. Care to listen? is the link guiding you to my broadcast.

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Sometimes I have to wonder about her...

My fiancee told me tonight when I told her about my obsession with jade that it was just the dragon in me. The thing is that she has also said that the fact that I am always so hot in every season other than winter is because of the werewolf inside of me. Now, I know that I am part vampire because I tend to have serious symptoms of bloodlust when I see or even smell blood... That and the fact that I have elongated canines. The question that keeps plaguing my mind is whether it is possible…


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How Time Flies

Merry Meet to One & All who Pass this Way,

I see that it has been way too long since I was one here and even wrote or said anything, so I reckon it is about time to do so. Since December 11, 2012, my last posting, a lot has happened in my life so I will try to summarize it up for you today.

My husband has finally gotten to the USA, even though we are waiting for his official green card, we are well on the way. It is costing an arm and a leg, but in the end he will be able…


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New Moon Ritual Thursday 19 February and Blog Talk Radio episode 1

I got responsibility for the writing and performing of online Esbats for the New and Full Moon. The first New Moon is a New Snowmoon to be held on Thursday 19 February on 21:00 GMT and I also made my first episode for Blog Talk Radio. It is a ritual for the Full Moon of the Longest Night, which was the New Moon in between 25 December and 21 January. The ritual contains 4 readings about card 24 of my 36 cards…


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Podcast on Blog Talk Radio about the New Moon of the Longest Night

I made a podcast on Blog Talk Radio for the New Moon of the Longest Night, that was the New Moon between 25 December and 21 January. The ritual there is about card 24 in my 36 cards counting Major Arcane set of my 366 cards counting Tarotset: the card of the Scissors of the King of Schotland. I give 4 readings about the card: the first about the Celtic Archetypes, the second about the tree, the third about the poweranimal and the fourth about the interpretation of the card and the belonging…


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Full and New Moon Rituals

Tonight I for the first time leaded a self written Full Moon ritual and the ritual for the coming New Moon is also ready. For my second degree project I am writing a course abou a tarotset of 366 cards that I made myself - a whole lot of work. But I love to do it! It will take quite some time before the course is ready however. But I love to use my creativity to devellop new Esbats for those who want to join in into http:…


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Life as it is

It's difficult to adjust to our new living situation when we can't seem to settle into a routine. We've had two major snow storms in as many weeks. Imbolc was celebrated through the storm. I'm glad for the reminder that the earth will waken soon. I will miss the spring flowers that will bloom. Next autumn I will have my chance to plant bulbs that will be early harbingers of spring.

I have marks on my arm; proof that I still struggle with depression. I did so well with the stress of…


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