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March 2018 Blog Posts (15)

Silent Auction Now Open

The CNT Fundraising Office is pleased to announce the start of our Semi-annual Silent Auction.

We have received many wonderful items from fellow Correllians and Witch School members from all over. For this auction we have a wide assortment of items that will likely reach out to you. There are handcrafted items made by our members and friends for you to consider, as well as books, items for the altar, jewelry, a Mermaid Afghan, an Ocean Drum, Shaman Rattle, along with many other…


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Healing Temple Distance Healing Network - Healing request list W/C: 23-08-2018

MM Everyone! Thank you for your continued participation in sending healing to those in need. We really appreciate your support!


The Distance Healing Network

Please send out healing to the following:
















Lord Don



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The Daily Spell is a 6D Tech Organization

The Daily Spell is a digital media ministry, an outreach to the world, to present the ideas and activities of a Pagan culture to a global audience. The Daily Spell provides knowledge, information and news on an anyone, anywhere, anytime basis. The Daily Spell offers opportunities for diverse voices to share with like minds, so they can communicate directly with each other globally, regionally, locally and one-to-one as needed. The Daily Spell uses technology to build community.



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Today is Water Day a time to Bless the Sacred Water and Listen to Her Voice.

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Fleassy Malay -RISE - Speaker Training 6 week Online Program
Fleassy Malay brings to you a gender inclusive Authentic Speaking program, designed to support the rise of honest voices in the world. With videos, live webinars and accountabuility it's a 6-week journey into our fullest voice.  Begins May 17th

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Fleassy Malay- A Powerful Online Workshop for Women.
Fleassy Malay brings to you a 30-day self-care program for women, its only $55 (aud!)$49 (USD. Its a beautiful month long group where we call ourselves into our courageous self by making ourselves a priority for 30 days. Begins April 1st

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The Temple of the 8 Festivals Online Ostara Ritual

Merry meet and Ostara Blessings to you all!

The Correllian Temple of the 8 Festivals UK would like to invite our Correllian friends and family to our online Imbolc Ritual hosted and sponsored by the Correllian Temple of Sedna UK.

We are holding the ritual on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 9pm GMT UK time (which is 5pm EDT/2pm PDT US time) in the Temple of Sedna Ritual Room (… Continue

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Special Edition of Correllian Family Hour

Join the Correllian Family for Ostara/Mabon Ritual~Ritual to start Friday March 16th 9:15 PM Eastern time.

Followed by Special Guest Fleassy Malay Performer and Poet of Witches a poem that went vial for International Womens Day. Fleassy's words have made a major impact of the lives of so many. The Daily Spell and PTRN team are honored to bring this live interview to you. Please join us by following the link below live or in the archivesat your convenience.…


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Peace for the Weary

I never realized how much of a weight being in the "broom-closet" was until I left it a little while ago. I feel so much better now than I did before I talked about how I felt to Dad, actually, really! And that totally surprised me, I expected things to be worse then they are. My Father is not happy yet the thing is this: My life is my own, not his, he needs to learn that is just the fact of how things are and that meddling in my life only drives us apart and will not acomplish much other…


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I Am Out of the Broom Closet Now!

I told my Dad via an email about the fact that I am a Wiccan via an email this Wendsday evening. I did not want to talk to him in person about this. Dad thinks I am "Confused" and chose to send me a religious video to try to bring me back to the "Catholic Fold". In my family, Dad is tip-toed around. The rules, for him, are different then for everyone else. If I sent him a Wiccan video, he would have a fit and would refuse to watch it. Him sending me a video and attempting to make me be what…


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a tale I Tell

"Man has his will -but woman has her way ".

for a merry heart does good like medicine.

It was that a man listened with great admiration to a well known speaker , he was very popular 

and of course a leader when it came to giving speeches. Now the man hung on to every word the speaker was saying 

but he alos studied the mans…


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2018 Lustration Reports Now Due


For those of you who are Keepers and Heads of Temples, Proto Temples, Witan Shrines, Stand Alone Formal Shrines and Orders it is now time to submit your Annual Lustration Reports.

You should have received the reminder with the Lustration Form attached through your email address I have on file. If you have not received the email then I do not have your correct email address that you are using for your Chartered Body, please contact me with your correct email address…


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Clarification and one new change for Awards’ cycle spring 2018


New change:

A--The maximum number of nominations that a single person may send is 3.

B--The other requirements remain the same, i.e.:

Submit your nominations in FaceBook, or privately to Rev. Nuhmen.

1. Nominee’s name

2. Nominee’s email address

3. Specific reasons why an individual deserves an award.

4. Type of award.

5. Submissions with a single nominee will be…


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