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When your will is all that you have so as to survive.

Long ago someone had told me that life is an eccentric gift. When that gift comes to us; we feel that the gift is made of clay but when we know it does not belong to us. Hence, will not come to us. We realize that the same gift is far more precious than gold itself. It is a trait of the human psyche to hate or underestimate the importance of what we already have. We crave for those things which are difficult or impossible to achieve. Desires and fulfillment form one aspect of your life.…


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Her name is written on the Clouds

This was another of those Dollar Store finds … and I actually went back to pick up another copy to pass along to a friend, so I guess that says something. Swami Ramananda's…


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Spiritual journey adventure number 1!

Today was an absolute pleasure for us all! We didn't hit any traffic, even though I must say it was gorgeous outside. Getting some fresh air and driving past the endless shoreline was visually stellar. We cut through Marblehead and took the short cut through some quaint suburban towns. Onwards to the destination! As soon as we got into the parking garage my heart started racing, simply jumping for joy!

First stop, would have to be The Magic Parlor. It was so nice to see the couple…


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To the year

I have found that this year has brought a lot of emotions out to the surface that has surprised me. My year started quiet with a relaxing cup and my love sitting ringing in the year as we watched the ball drop. Many of my family members passing away, missing them was and is still hard to me to except. My world has change so much but I have changed with the passing of days and even months. I have learned that we need to look to our futures with our young and building a foundation that works…


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the sky tumbling down

As I have no doubt mentioned previously, until my recent job search, I had never been given to reading “business books”. Over the past several years, however, I have read quite a number (due in large part to my writing The Job Stalker blog over on Chicago Now), so one would think that I would be…


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Finding gaia

Just want to share this to everyone.

This is a picture taken after the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama lecture ritual held in celebration of Earth Day 2012 with the theme: Honoring Mother Earth.

Truly when we call upon the Goddess and God, they came and try to manifest their presence not only through spiritual touch but also through physical manifestations.



Added by Apu Adman Aghama on April 27, 2012 at 7:29pm — 1 Comment

We all need control.

Another Dover Thrift Edition, another “hole” in my education plugged. Here's something you may not know … the term “robot” is derived from a word in a Czech dialect meaning “forced labor” or “drudgery”, and was coined by a Czech writer. Now, I had some idea about the broad strokes of this, but hadn't encountered the…


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some chants and blessings

Goddess of the moon
God of the Sun
Protect me and mine now the day has done

Violet Flame your love devighn
blase within this heart of mine
though art mercey for ever true
Keep me always in tune with you

I liked these ones but as soon as I find more I will ad them.

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the chat is stuck

sigh I have been tring to chat on this forum for a few times and as long I I read what other people write, it is oke, but the moemnt I write something the chat gets stuck. very anoying! :) but oke, it can happen so I'll stick with blogging :).

update :)

I have been practicing on visualisations. and getting the immage to form itself is no problem, but keeping it in balance and in clear vue? whel that is a bit tricky. I often lose focuss and that is realy frustrating to me.…


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Psychometry is a in which a person can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it. Such a person can receive impressions from an object by holding it in his/her hands or, perhaps, touching it to the forehead. Such impressions can be perceived as images, sounds, smells, tastes - even emotions.

Psychometry is a form of scrying - a psychic way of "seeing" something that is not ordinarily seeable. Some people can scry using a crystal ball, black glass or even the surface of…


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just some thougjts

I have been reading about the Greek pantheon some more for a study I am doing together with Willow. I was asked to choose a pantheon that I am drawn to.

Somehow I feel that even though the greek pantheon has gods and goddesses I can relate to, I also feel drawn to other pantheon’s. The past few years I have just been working with a god or goddess that I felt was appropriate at that moment. Basically I am very diverse and open minded when it comes to a lot of things so also on this…


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Mystical outing with some far out people B)!

Yes! Finally the time has come to take a venture out to Salem MA, for some some good old fashioned fun. It will be an absolute pleasure to head to the Dodge Street Grill, explore the down town area, and hopefully run into some familiar faces. I'm so pumped to see if The Magic Parlor has been done over for renovations. That would have to be one of my favorite stores out there, as well as Hex and Omen. Maybe I can convince some friends of mine to do some awful karaoke with me! On the more…


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Holey moley!

I suppose that I really should read the descriptions of the books being offered in the “Early Reviewers” program more carefully, but in my defense, the only indication that this was a kids' book was an offhand thing saying “children and adults alike”, so I was surprised to find that it was a book…


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I feel stuck

I really want my career to pan out in some positive way. I did everything I was told to do in terms of aquiring a decent job. I went to college became employed in my field became nationally certified and it did nothing. I live in an area where decent jobs just don't exsist. I for some reason am being really drawn to pittsburg area or maybe state college. I found hospitals and long term care facilities there willing to hire full time. I am scared to move but, I know I need to. I started…


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"Who controls the present ..."

I heard Erik Qualman do a presentation on Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business at the December 2009…


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Beltane festival this next sunday, but before that, a few more adventures with some friends. The semester is almost over and I'm finding that I am so busy, but busy with fun, that makes me happy!

Blessed Be everyone!

Random aside, it may be because I'm in such a good mood and I'm so happy, but I hope that everyone out there is happy and enjoying themselves. Even people I may not talk to much or anymore. (ex's and such) Just because we don't talk anymore, or never really spoke…


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The Tarot Licensing Question: Witch City vs. The Big Easy

Tarot Readings is a major part of the Pagan Economy. It is one of the very few skills that directly translate into a living wage for some of our community. Now Tarot is not exclusive to Pagans at all, but a great many Pagans do earn their income from Tarot and other styles of Psychic readings. Where and when you can make a living at it depends greatly on where you live, including many areas where it is outright banned and made illegal. But Salem, Ma, The Witch City and New Orleans, The Big…


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"Put the glasses on! Put 'em on!"

I don't know why these books never crossed my radar back when they were coming out … they sold tons of copies, and I guess got lots of ink, but I was oblivious to them until much later. In fact, I tried to get an interview with Lois Weisberg, the Chicago Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, some years back (related to a job…


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Longing for Roots

I have traveled for such along time and roots are greatly needed. I now understand that no place is perfect. True happiness is found in ones heart. I now have a way to start a living all in the service of Cernunnos and Diana. Which for me, there is no higher purpose.
I also cant wait to find a new good home, so I can finally go for mentor and concentrate all my efforts on WS and the craft - Bright Blessings

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Time for the self...

Things have been so busy as of late. It seems there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that is important to us. We wear so many hats in life that it is hard to find time for the self, to nourish our spirit. This is something that entered my mind when I started to notice my patience was getting worn a little thin.

I started to contemplate why this was. What has caused this lack of patience? I sat down and started listing out the things that take place on a…


Added by Rev. David McDonald on April 19, 2012 at 3:13pm — 2 Comments

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