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Seems about 99% of my personalities are going bad even the child inside me to. I should have figured keeping in secrets will be bad for me but I did anyways. I still am to. -sighs- she will be caught soon enough though. Smart but she's obvious at her little game. I'm curious though maybe my other one won't turn out as the others seem to have done. Then again the original me is much more positive actually I think that might work out. I should the kid a break for a bit. Might work haha. Hey I'm… Continue

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The story of Muchalat Harry and the Sasquatch Family

First of all I want to make it perfectly clear that I believe in the ever evasive Sasquatch. I've had a couple of encounters that left me more curious than ever before.I think a person must honor and respect the ancient forests in BC and Vancouver Island. This means conversing with the trees and other nature Spirits. To be perfectly grounded and humbled. Sasquatch are nature Spirits and are no threat to humans. I think they can tell what kind of people they feel safe around...Anyways here is…


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The Wild Hunt Pendulum Series

Faerie riders on noble steeds gallop in wild pursuit.

Answering the call of the clarion trumpets, the hounds have caught the scent.

Two courts divided by Light & Dark, united by The Huntsman’s Bow.



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Ok, so I've discovered that I am absolutely horrible at keeping up with various social networks. I completely forget that they exist for months and sometimes years on end. The only ones I can see to remember are those that I have a standing, scheduled commitment to. I DJ on a social network and I can remember that one, however, any others I wander away from then forget about. I tend to do that with websites that I've created as well. I wonder if creating an…


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