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A Word

I wrote recently about altars and ritual.  While deep…


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Temple of Eternal Memorials Online Memorial Ritual

Merry meet!

The Correllian Temple of Eternal Memorials UK would like to invite our Correllian friends and family to an online Memorial Ritual hosted and sponsored by the Temple of Sedna UK.

The ritual will take place on Monday 28th May 2018 at 9pm BST UK time (which is 4pm EDT/1pm PDT US time) in the Temple of Sedna Ritual Room (

We hold an online Memorial… Continue

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Why Ritual?

Do you ever think about why we do what we do? I do, all the time. For example, this morning while putting my altar away I asked myself, “Self, why do you do ritual? Does Deity “need” my rituals?” I sort of doubt it. If Deity is so powerful that She/He could create the world and all that is in it then Deity doesn’t “need” my rituals. So why do ritual?

Deity doesn’t “need” our rituals, we do. We need the rituals. We need our religious practices because they help us remember our place in…


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Practice, Practice, Practice

Do you know people who work hard, sometimes very hard, at perfecting their game? They “religiously” practice golf, or basketball, or even their favorite video game. Some of these people even seem to eat and breathe their game. In fact, I have a neighbor who's entire existence is centered around golf; it appears to be his religion. They understand the importance of practice. They probably learned what my high school coach use to tell us half a century ago, “Team, only perfect practice makes…


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I walked Green Lake in Seattle today, and saw my first baby ducks. I was very happy and loudly said "Baby Ducks!" which clearly shows that my Soul retrieval took since one of the parts to return was my enthusiastic inner child. My next comment was, "We need more ducks." Wasn't sure where that came from, I just loved those little ducks.

As a totem or power animal, Duck represents living in the moment, a focus on relationship and family, and a mystical quality of moving between the…


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Why Everything?

This will be a short blog post today because I have to get ready to teach my summer school class, non-profit financial management, that starts tomorrow. It is a marathon course. We do an entire semester's work in five long, eight-hour days (Fri-Sat-Fri-Sat-Fri) but it is also a lot of fun. Anyway, why did you get up this morning?

I hope you realize that life isn't designed to be fun and games and its not a life-time pass to an amusement park. Life is designed, and we designed it this…


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Why Practice?

I was working on one of the questions in Third Degree comprehensive final exam this morning and this got me thinking about the need to practice what we know.

Have you ever seen someone's book collection with shelf after shelf of books that have never been read? The collection might be impressive but it is also useless.

Magical knowledge is not given to us nor do we collect it so that it can gather dust on a shelf in our minds. The key to being a real Wiccan, a witch or a wizard…


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To Be Or Not To Be

I was working on the essay questions for Lesson XI in the Third Degree course. One of the questions asked about charitable donations and that put the wheels spinning in my little brain. You see, I have a PhD in accounting, am a CPA and I teach the Taxation of Individuals and Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships courses on the university where I'm a professor.

Some mistakenly believe that for all charitable contributions to be tax deductible they must be made to Internal…


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Finding Your Perfect World

Graduation at the university where I'm a professor just ended and I'm sitting three floors above the dell looking down at the graduation crowd and reflecting on the last year.

Early in their senior year many of my students realize that their lives are going to change. They are 22 years old and have been in school since they were 5 and all of the sudden classes, school activities and friends aren't going to be the center of their world.  They want to know what's next and what do…


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Am I Making All This Up?

Probably the most common question that I am asked when I teach shamanic journey workshops (I like to call them "playshops") is "What if I am making the whole thing up?" That's a very good question. It is quite common to feel like you are creating your journey with your imagination, because you are. Well sort of.

I expect that when we journey part of our soul travels to the other world and part remains in our body. In essence, our soul bilocates. The part of our soul that has left…


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2018 Global Lustrastion of the Ancestors Report

Lustration Report

What a wonderful event! This weekend (April 27-29, Year 18 AQ) we had the great pleasure of attending the Sixteenth Annual Lustration of the Ancestors hosted by Lady of Light Proto-Temple in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! We want to thank Rev Lori Barberio Blackman of Lady of Light and all the members of Lady of Light for all of their hard work in making this Lustration such a delightful and memorable event! We especially want to thank Chad Blackman for his work as…


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