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Alternate Realities? Creation?

I had a strange dream and it made me question the concept of there being alternate realities. In my dream there was two realities, one was when I with my son and so forth. The other was another reality of when I was with my ex from years and years ago. In the sky there was a mass of yellow and orange energy. Turns out it was the two realities clashing with each other. Each one trying to override one space to the other. As I watched on in horror. I could see the realities clashing, buildings… Continue

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I had an interesting thing happen this morning while I was watering the trees for the landlord. We have started the oppressive triple digit heat here in the Mojave. It can feel very isolated and lonely this time of year with the heat driving everyone inside and many of the creatures have left. I was feeling sorry for myself. I looked up and saw a dragonfly buzzing around near me. I know the mundane explanation is that it was probably a hitch hiker on a semi bringing produce from a green part of… Continue

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Satan In Church

As a couple of you know, I am in the broom-closet, because I enjoy serving at my church with music, volunteering for food-pantry program, alcohol and drug recovery, and other activities which are community oriented. I am about at the end of my rope, though.

Here's why:

Week after painful week I hear about Satan. Not God. Satan. I hear about how the world is broken and messed up and how Jesus is the only way to keep God from throwing me into an eternal, burning,…


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A New Day

In the past few weeks the pulse that vibrates through my body has become louder and louder, like a baby crying for milk. It needs to be fed and the only food that would sustain it is knowledge. I am frantically searching the internet and bookstores for answers to keep it quiet and then I found Witch School via a mentor in South Africa. The baby has stopped crying but it is now looking at me with huge expectant eyes, waiting to see what is next...

I have always been curious…

Added by Benjamin on June 30, 2010 at 3:33am — 2 Comments

Daily Reading for Thursday, 1 July, Year 10 Aq.

Thursday July 1

We now start our seventh month of the daily Reading Blog! Yayyyy!

Our reading for today is:

Three of Swords

Ten of Cups

Eight of Cups

The Three of Swords is our fist card today. The Three of Swords represents changes in important relationships, sometimes endings. With it is the Ten of Cups, which represents emotional happiness, satisfaction, and security. Finally we have the Eight of Cups, a card… Continue

Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on June 30, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

Hello wide world

sooo, until about 3 years ago I was a fanatical, right wing christian. I was a minister for 12 years, and it's just in me, but after walking away from the church structure, I realized I didn't really believe alot of what I had been taught. I had to start over at square one, and what I found was that I believe in diety. I believe in the power of nature, and that it reflects the power of diety. I do not believe in a need for salvation. I added those things together and realized that the Craft…


Added by Melanie Konnick on June 29, 2010 at 5:59pm — 3 Comments

Daily Reading for Wednesday, 30 June, Year 10 Aq.

Wednesday June 30

Here is our reading for today:


Ace of Rods


Today we begin with the Hermit, a Major Arcanum that represents a desire to learn, grow, or expand –but this desire must first be answered from within before it can be manifested without. With it is the Ace of Rods, indicating an emphasis on pursuing our goals and ambitions. Finally we have the Empress, a Major Arcanum representing happiness,… Continue

Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on June 29, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

My Answer; How do I KNOW my spell worked, will work, or wont work?

Spell work... newcomers to wicca want to know more about this individual topic than any other. They ask those of us who have worked the craft for years exactly what to do, what to expect, and how they will KNOW it worked.

Magic, good magic, is almost always masquerading as normal events. You do a spell for money and coincidentally, you receive a job offer the next day. Spells have to work within the confines of the natural order. This means simply- that no matter how much you wish to… Continue

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It's a very rainy day here in the port city. I've been enjoying sitting by the open window listening to the rain pound down. I love the rain and I'm especially grateful for it today as my garden needs a good soaking.

I have two days off right now and I really need them after working 10 days straight. I'm pleased to see that the spearmint and lavender that I planted last year are coming up and thriving. Every one of the hundreds of sunflower seeds I planted a few weeks ago have been dug up… Continue

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Retro reading ...

Sometimes I'll take the advice of one author to go check out books by another author without doing much research on them. In this case, when I interviewed Timothy Ferriss over in The Job Stalker blog, one of the "other resources" he recommended was David J. Schwartz's… Continue

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Daily Reading for Tuesday, 29 June, Year 10 Aq.

Tuesday June 29

Our reading for today is:

Queen of Rods

Nine of Coins

King of Swords

Two of Rods

We begin today’s reading with the Queen of Rods, a card that represents the ability to have our own way in a situation, to arrange things as we would like them to be. Next is the Nine of Coins, a card that represents standing on our own and having all of the knowledge and abilities we need to handle our situations without… Continue

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My new life.

Greetings all. I am finally coming out of my shell after a rollercoaster of a seperation from my husband. We are still married in legal terms, but definately no room for reconcilliation. I have decided to dedicate myself to serving the Earth in all ways. I am reconnecting with my spirituality, which my ex was repressive of. Also I have returned to school and am persueing a degree in the sciences. My AA is in enviornmental science and my AS is in biotechnology. I plan on specializing in… Continue

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Daily Reading for Monday, 28 June, Year 10 Aq.

Monday June 28

Here is today’s reading:

Knight of Swords

Four of Cups


Our first card today is the Knight of Swords. This is a card that indicates a need to put ourselves first and make sure that our needs are being met. Often the Knight of Swords indicates a situation in which we are putting the needs of others ahead of our own too much, and so doing ourselves harm –and it advises the exercise of a little… Continue

Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on June 27, 2010 at 3:00am — 1 Comment

looking for love

I am not seeking a true love on this page!!! i am only here for friends and the craft....DO NOT contact me for true love anymore!!!

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connection with the fairies

For along time now i have had numeris contacts with the little peoples and not forgeting nature spirits. I was wondering how many of you have been visited or been in contact with these amazing beings too. bb

Added by kacey stephensen (Orin Allil) on June 26, 2010 at 4:59am — 5 Comments

Daily Reading for Sunday, 27 June, Year 10 Aq.

Sunday June 27

Here is our reading for today:


Six of Swords

Two of Rods

Today’s reading begins with the Sun, a Major Arcanum that represents success and achievement –either in general or as regards a specific goal. With it is the Six of Swords, which indicates a journey –either a physical trip or an internal movement from one understanding or state of being to another. And finally we have the Two of Rods, which… Continue

Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on June 26, 2010 at 3:00am — No Comments

My First Written Ritual: Casting Away Negativity With Spirit

Step 1: Cast your magick cricle, you can do this in any place you feel sacred at any time.

Step 2: Call Your Quarters North, East, South, and West (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water). Stand in the middle of your circle, cross your arms, then extend them to the sky and say "May the Lord and Lady, and Majestic Spirit, be present in my ritual tonight". Imagine you circle being filled with a glowing white light of pure energy, hold the image in your head for as long as you see fit (the…


Added by Randall Andrejczak on June 25, 2010 at 9:36pm — 1 Comment

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