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So close, so very close, are the bonds between animal and humans, it was told that even the animals formed clans of their own , hidden camps and villages where they returned when they had died.It was believed that within these villages the animals removed their fur and feathers and they looked and acted like humans and in time their souls might…


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Have you began the arduous task of enlightenment and self realization? Grow from within. Gnosis dia deus logos en pneuma! Enlightenment comes through the divine word in the spirit within!

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A visitor

I live in a small village in Essex called Rowhedge. It is very close to a nature reserve and a churchyard so we get all kinds of visitors in our garden. Foxes,lizards,mice, birds,and hedgehogs are often seen just passing through. We even had a snake in the wood pile which scared the living daylights out of my poor husband. I have a large fish pond with reeds around the edge (in a vain attempt to stop the local herons swooping down for a free meal. They like to stalk in the reeds quietly…


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It is meant to be

I was a strange little girl brought up in isolation as an only child. I was quiet and serious and was always ill. I can't remember the exact age that I came to the conclusion I was searching for something to make me whole and take away the terrible loneliness I felt. I joined various churches and cults along my journey. I never felt good enough and was constantly weighed down with guilt. I joined the Mormons 3 years ago and ironically it was them that pointed me in the right (or wrong)…


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How To Make Garden Lanterns

Whether you’re planning a garden party or looking for a way to brighten a dark night, DIY garden lanterns add just the right twinkle of warmth and illumination to your outdoor space. Any type of pretty glass jar will work. This is a great way to recycle used glass jars. Once you know how to make garden lanterns the easy way from glass jars and spray paint, you may…


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Look Within

baptizo prohoridzo dorea proseuchomai in pneuma: immerse in the Divine destiny, a free gift given that is supernatural moving to an alignment with the will of the Divine in thy soul. Enter that Great Temple within that is supported by the two great columns of wisdom and beauty and strength, that is Boaz and Jachin and find within thy soul that inter sanctum, holy of holies, gaze inward and look into eternity, dorema (the gift given) freely (dorea)

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" The wisdom of creatures "

The significance of animals in our Native American cultures has extended far beyond hunting ceremonies.

For the earth its self was thought to be am animal a giant turtle floating in a vast sea that was endless , and its understandable how we could come to this conclusion , when our planets floats in a vast sea of…


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Gift Bags

What do you do with the cuttings from your favorite plant after dividing it? Do you replant some of the cuttings around your garden, or do you give some to friends and neighbors?

Last month, I divided some lilies and I decided to give away cuttings of the plants. Whether your favorite plant are perennial flowers or a succulent – they can make great gifts. In my…


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Herb Markers

I love this simple project because it’s an excuse to buy more wine! Just save your corks to use as plant markers. Write the name of the plant on the cork with a permanent marker, then stick it on a stake or bamboo skewer. If you don’t have wine corks, you can buy some at a craft store. Easy as can be!


◾Wine corks (If you don’t have wine corks,…


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" Deer Dance "

Now it was that one day a herdsman decided to give up his flocks and become a hunter at least according to legend after crafting a bow and many arrows he sat out into the wilderness in search of deer and other pray , he was seeking their hides in order to make himself some new clothing. Now while resting early one morning on a stump near a clump of…


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Making New Out Of Old

If you are like me, you have candle stubs laying around and they still have plenty of wax left. Most of the time, jar candles will burn out their wicks long before they’re out of wax. But don’t throw those yummy scented candles away – Reuse them! It’s really simple, so here’s what you need and what you need to do to reuse your old candles.

First….a word of…


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