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None dare call it "seedy" ...

I recently was in touch with the Wiley folks about another book, and they offered to send out four new ones, including this. I'd noted (maybe over in The Job Stalker) that I'd not had much to write about book-wise on the job search, and this set certainly puts me on… Continue

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☮Peace for Today☮ Being Peace

Are you seeing Peace in your life and thus sharing it with all that is?


It is true. There is much turmoil in the world, not only on a political level, but on a personal level as well. But we do have the power to change how it affects us. All it takes is a change of mind. You would think that changing one's mind would be simple, but for many it is not.


Each day we make decisions. For instance, you might wake up one morning intending to wear a particular color.…


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How To Deal With Grief

The boundaries that divide life from death are shadowy and vague at best. Who shall say where one ends and the other begins?" ---Edgar Allen Poe

Death is hard and I have been personally faced with it within the last 365 days. They have all been traumatic, some times one more than the other, but they have all hit home.

The worst thing that one can do is to try to cling to something that is gone, or try to recreate it. These people that we miss still live actively in our… Continue

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Into The Land Of The True

I unveil the delicate curtain into the land of the real

Where we are true to purely shine, where we aren't afraid to feel

Where we are able to open up and cry

To relax and keep it true under illuminating blue skies

I want to feel happy I desire to SHINE

I can reach the next level, I can touch the divine

Clear my mental realm, I want to start all over again

Like a newborn child, so pure and content

It's time… Continue

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Under Hazy Eyes...

Under hazy eyes, I see the sun

I feel the burning heat and I feel as ONE

I know that in essence we are born pure

We get lost in this mechanical world, where evil does lurk

Under hazy eyes, I see the radiating, undulating rays of the sun

I feel that we are each a ray, coming out of our god, the sun

We are on a hazy journey, but in the end, salvation will come

The emptiness and loneliness will slip away

We… Continue

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You Can't Choose Who You Love...

I can't help who we love, we all can't. The cycle of love can be vicious, repetitive, unwanted, and more...

I just recently left a boyfriend of almost a year, and it seems like we are together again. I hate him for it, but he holds a place in my heart that can not and never will be replaced.

Have you ever heard the saying " let a bird fly free, and if it comes back, it was meant to be"? Well that seems to be the case with Bryan and I. I love him and that love in my heart… Continue

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Is A.A and N.A a Cult

Is Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous a cult? Well, there are so many mixed views. I, for one, have not yet decided my position on this matter in question...

In both congregations they say that you need to surrender to a higher power, a "god of your understanding". Although in A.A., they recite the Lord's Prayer, which is a Christian-based prayer. A little hypocritical, don't you think? Now in N.A., they just recite the Serenity Prayer at the end. I have no problem with that. I am… Continue

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The Right Intent

Many people do things for many reasons. When people do kind things, many times they have underlying motives. Such motives could try to get "with" a girl or guy, to secure their place in heaven, or even to expect something nice done in return.

We have all been guilty of this to some degree... well these motives are wrong.

To do something with the right intent is very important. We should have no other motive than to help out a person or to make them smile, to make their day a… Continue

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How To Escape our Deep-Set/ Engrained Thoughts

We are all born with a blank slate. Our road map is literally barren terrain, untreaded on. As a completely pure and innocent child, environmental circumstances, and childhood experiences, teach us how to build and form the "roads" on our barren terrain, our clean slate.

As we begin to tread these familiar roads more and more, mostly out of habit and comfort, the roads become engrained deeper, deeper, and more distinct. As an adult, we almost have to "rewire" our brain, to try new paths,… Continue

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Daily Reading for Monday, 1 August, Year 11 Aq.

Monday August 1

Here is our reading for today:


Four of Coins

Three of Swords

Our first card today is Death, a Major Arcanum representing not physical death but rather the passing away of one situation to make way for another. With it is…


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Announcing the Print Publication of “Blood’s Voice”

Author Áine P Massie is pleased to announce the Print Release of her first novel, “Blood’s Voice.”

Jul 30, 2011 – Wisconsin author and resident, Áine P Massie, has published “Blood’s Voice,” a 129,000 word book that chronicles the new life of vampire Anya Millar and her eclectic House (family). “Blood’s Voice” is book one of the House Millar series.


To purchase visit… Continue

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He asked, while shoving the Nunchuks under his jacket ...

Well, I'm almost done with the haul I made at the last “box sale” over at Open Books, this being one of those. As I've previously noted, I'm no great fan of “business books”, and, frankly, had never read any prior to my '96-'97 job search. I have,… Continue

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Daily Reading for Sunday, 31 July, Year 11 Aq.

Sunday July 31

Our reading for today is:

Five of Cups

Six of Coins

Knight of Rods

Our first card today is the Five of Cups, indicating sorrow or dissatisfaction with our situations. Next we have the Six of Coins, suggesting that we will receive…


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New - "Lost Cove"

Lost Cove

By: C. A. Brennan


Belinda leaves the busy city life to settle in the small coastal community of Lost Cove. But what she finds there was not what she expected. Travel on the…


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Lammas Prayer

Lammas Prayer

Lord and Lady

Bringer and Creator of Abundance

We honor thee

Fruitful and plenty is this season

and we are grateful for your gifts

As we reflect on what we have given and received

God And Goddess

show us which paths to keep and which paths to leave

so we can let go of what no longer… Continue

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"Up" - review

watch Up

Hi. I want to present my new Review. "UP"

Journey to the End of life

Critics could easily write laudatory reviews of 3D-project studio Pixar, not even taking the trouble to watch them. Because the company produces one masterpiece after another with remarkable stability. And her new cartoon "Up"(directed by Pete Docter and Bob…


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Black Moon Information & Ritual Ideas

I am trying to find information on the Black Moon which is occuring on July 30th. I finally found a little information in the book "Everyday Moon Magic" by Dorothy Morrison.

Has anyone held a Black Moon ritual or have more information on the Black Moon (eg., Gods and Goddess that are specific to the Black Moon, etc.) that they can share?


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Daily Reading for Saturday, 30 July, Year 11 Aq.

Saturday July 30

Here is our reading for today:


Four of Swords


We start with Justice, a Major Arcanum that tells us that we will get as much out of our situations as we are willing to put into them –the more we work, the more we…


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Daily Reading for Friday, 29 July, Year 11 Aq.

Friday July 29

Our reading for today is:

Eight of Cups

Nine of Swords

Nine of Rods

Our first card today is the Eight of Cups, a card that represents worrying unnecessarily or imagining things as being worse than they are. Next we have the Nine of…


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HI. !..... hola ......hello?....... hola ..... how are you ? .....como estan?....... see how this change this time i have to speack when i m , speackean more then 2 or 3 person!.or its go for more then a 1,000 oh more!. people arraunds me.this its not only about me its about all a group of people..... see some times the word ARE its so confiussed . some times. but you see the differences. i allreardy teach the pronaunciation . . . and now you go and have fun with it..... and tell me how easy or… Continue

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