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Talking trash.

They say that the truth is both hurtful and freeing now looking around I understand that in it's full. I wanted to write on a topic that taught me something new. So I chose a lifestyle, one that takes a stand and is simple, what I found was Freeganism ( Freeganism: is the practice of reclaiming and eating food that has been discarded. Freegans and Freeganism are often seen as part of a wider "anti-consumerist" ideology, and freegans often employ a range of alternative living strategies based…


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Signifies: Strength, health, vigor, lust, danger.

Holiday: Yule

Planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological Sign: Scorpio


Signifies: Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness.

Holiday: Candlemas/Imbolc

Deities: Brighide

Planets: Sun, Mars, Mercury

Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Astrological Sign: Leo,…


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My system of beliefs

Now my system isnt very complicated to me so this should be easy to understand.

Il start with elements, the base elements are Chaos, Order/control, and Neutrality/ Void. the secondary elements light and darkness, Darkness is formed of chaos and Void while light is formed of Control and Void. The common elements are broke down as Chaos + Darkness = Earth, Sound, Fire, Ice, Chaos + Light = Water, Electricity, Air, Nature. However the polar opposites have their own combinations, Control +…


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* MM = Merry Meet*

Round shape for wheel of the year, cycle of seasons*

Skins are different colors, but the inside is the same chocolate, because we are all related.*

Associations with the colors: Red = South, Green = West, Dark Brown = North, Yellow = East, Orange = For the Solar God, Light Brown = For the Earth Mother (Copper Woman)

* Rotate the M & M: M = 13th letter of alphabet, and there are 13 witches in a coven

3 = Triple Goddess, three phases of…


Added by Jimmy Werewolf Smith on July 28, 2012 at 5:05pm — 4 Comments


Follow the Mars Exploration Program...

'Curiosity' (which was launched on Nov. 26, 2011) will land on Mars in 10 days!…


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Pagans Need Jobs: Ownership

Pagans Need Jobs: Ownership

“Ownership is essential to building resources, and we are quite capable of creating a sharing economy, by creating ways to allow ownership to be held in common as well as individually and corporately. “ – Ed the Pagan

Pagans are great festival people. We as a community run exceptional annual festivals that are well attended year after year, decade after decade. In fact, we do it so well; it has allowed our community to create surplus that helps fund…


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Death at 39

I have said before that I believe I will die in my late 30s and I'm saying it again. I feel I will die at the age of thirty nine. Possible thirty eight but I really feel pulled towards thirty nine. I'm not saying this because I don't want to be old (I also am not saying 40 is old so calm down) or that I wouldn't like to see 40 but because it's something I just feel. I'm claircognizant which means just knows things. Things just come to me and I'm never wrong about the things that come to…


Added by Jenny Lorenz on July 23, 2012 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

YouTube and the fight to make a stand in our community!

Read from the bottom up

I am going to stop now please feel free to visit me or send me messages I welcome all comments even if you disagree with me. may the gods bless you and forever be with you as you seek the truth. )O( Rev.Rave )O(

face alone as deity but like a diamond that has min facets all make up the whole. Allegory means we pray to the goddess threw the moon or the trees or what ever face we chose We see the god as a horned god the stag We have no fear…


Added by Rev.Rave on July 21, 2012 at 8:30pm — 16 Comments

Arkansas Clergy


Any regularly ordained minister or priest of any religious sect or denomination may perform marriages. --- Ministers must have their ordination credentials filed by the county clerk who will then issue a certificate to the minister. --- The marriage license must be completed by the minister and returned to the county clerk within 60 days from the date the license was issued. --- For questions see the county clerk.

Ark. Code Ann. § 12-12-518(b)(1) (WESTLAW through…


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Pagan Need Jobs: Shifting Shopping Dollars

Pagan Need Jobs: Shifting Shopping Dollars

We do not need to be poor. We don’t have to sell out. – Ed the Pagan

The problem I see in Pagan circles is the lack of attention to the value of lifestyle items. Let us take soap, one of the most common products created by small Pagan businesses. The soap industry of a million or so Pagans would average around $30 million dollars at the low end. So as a community, if we accept that we are one million strong, spend a lot on soap, and if…


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My Path And Order of the BlackBird

My path And Order of the Black Bird

Dianic Wicca - full of contributions from people of many traditions gives primacy to the Goddess in its theology, but honors the Horned God as Her Beloved Consort. High Priestess will usually be called 'Lady' composed of male/female High Priest, 'Lord The ritual cycle deals mostly with the wheel of the year. And Sbots Calling down the moon and other traditional Wicca rituals. Tarot Runes and Astrology and numerology Herbs oils medicine and…


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Northern Exposure

BB Family! Just a note to let you know I've been a little preoccupied the last few months - I've been working on my classes, both WSI and college classes and negotiating a job opportunity in northern Alaska. I'm happy to report that negotiations are complete and I have accepted a wonderful position that I am very happy and excited about. One nice thing is that after another period of inactivity (apologies), once I get settled I will have ample time to spend on the site and hope to begin…


Added by Rev. Oberon ~ COA on July 18, 2012 at 9:18am — 1 Comment

Pagans Need Jobs – First Look

Pagans Need Jobs – First Look

“Pagans across the board need jobs and without jobs they will continue to suffer. As members of our community hurt from a lack of financial connection, so too does our overall community. “ – Ed The Pagan

We can create jobs within our community by looking to the mainstream economy and seeing what they want that we can supply. The Green economy offers excellent opportunities and we should be involved. We are also excellent members to the Health…


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AHG Professional Herbalist Training Webinars

January 25: From Seed to Safe Use: Defining the Modern Apothecary with Eric Yarnell, Eric McKinney, and Erin Murrell

September 13, 2011: Vascular Health: Maintaining Healthy Blood Vessels with Mimi Hernandez…


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The Power of Pagan Festivals

The Power of Pagan Festivals

By Ed the Pagan

So as I have moved across the USA this year, I have been literally from coast to coast, Celebrating in each of the given months of this year. I have met so many people and so many kinds of Pagan people. I have been from Salem to San Jose, Chicago to New Orleans. I am seeking to understand ourselves as a people, as a movement, as a part of the American landscape. In the process the thing I have been looking for is where we are…


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there are ones who stand guard
whos stance must be hard
those who sacrifice for others
who die for their brothers
guardians who will die
students who will try
ones that will stand alone
some we wish we could clone
ones that will stand together
always next to one another
strength with many or as one
always ready to have fun

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Good Times Bad Times

Dear Everyone

I visited my two sets of aunts and uncles in Vermont this past weekend. It was a bittersweet reunion because my granddad is dying in the hospital. It was good to see them but sad that he was dying.

The food was delicious (cinnamon rolls for breakfast with yogurt and cold cuts for lunch). There was pizza for dinner the first night and homemade chocolate cake one night. The second night we went to a mayan restaurant. I had two empanadas.

The company was good too;…


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geting started

Has any one else ever had a supper hard time getting started with their visualizations? I for one have always had a good imagination and found a puzzling challenge when it came to visualizing any part of my project. So this is pretty much a cry for HELP!!! I need some good pointers on how to get past this annoying and frustrating little block I have going on right now. So now I leave the floor open to any one; how ever please don't use this as an open invite to brag. Your advice and help is…


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The Transmedia Process ...

This is another book that came to my attention via an event put on by the folks at BIGfrontier (who had previously brought in Mark W. Schaefer to talk about his…


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Books, teachings & texts of influence

I am Rev. Magus Megatherion. I would like to offer my appreciation for the warm welcome I have recieved from agreat many of our existing members! I have been a student of Magick& the Occult in general for well over 25 years & consider myself fairly well read in a wide scope of related studies. I am at present working on several books on various Occult topics and it occured to me that pinning down a group of texts that were highly influential to me throughout the years is a very…


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