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July 2016 Blog Posts (7)

Interpretations of The High Priestess (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

This card looks rather peaceful and powerful to me. When we think of the High Priestess, we think of a woman with power, knowledge, and has the key to the secrets held within us. The key meanings of this card are: Wisdom. Sound judgment. Serene knowledge. Common sense. Serenity. Objectivity. Penetration. Foresight. Intuition. Comprehension. Perception. Self-reliance.…


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Interpretations of Ten of Pentacles (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

Ten of Pentacles

This is derived from the minor arcana section, which means these cards focus more on everyday life. As with the major arcana, they handle the bigger issues in our life's journey, or are the heart of the reading. None are more important than the other, and they both are just as good. I can give a quick lesson of the differences between the major…


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Interpretations of Wheel of Fortune (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

X - Wheel of Fortune

There is a sphinx in the center displaying a wheel with a snake on the left and a wolf on the right. Below the wheel and the sphinx, is a bull and a lion that lounges around on the clouds.  Above the wheel and the sphinx, is an angel and an eagle.  Wheel of…

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Interpretations of The Tower (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

XVI - The Tower

Welcome back to those who have read my Wheel of Fortune blog!!  I hope I can still grasp your attention along the way as I am now moving on to the next card I flipped two days ago, The Tower. Here, I am going to relay my interpretation of the card based on my personal experiences in my life journey,…

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Correllian Tradition

To join the Correllian Tradition, please click here for your Outer Court Application:

Join The Correllian Tradition Membership HUB:

Spanish Speaking Correllian HUB…


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My 1st Blog :-)

I am not doing as well health-wise as when I joined this site. I will hit this nail on the head soon though. Awfully hard to concentrate when I'm irritable. I have quite a collection of things I would like to add to my page and share with others in regards to protection, cleansing, raising good vibrations and other posts along these lines. As well…


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Good Afternoon!

Good Afternoon everyone!

As I sit here I found myself thinking about the upcoming trip to meet up with my husband. I will be traveling by a greyhound bus from near my home area going to where my husband is currently at for a business trip. As I ponder, the upcoming travel I find myself getting anxious. This anxiety is stemming from having to travel in a bus. This bus ride that I will be taking is going to cause me to panic. I have a huge fear of being trapped in small places. Or, at…


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