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July 2018 Blog Posts (7)

Global Wiccan Summit - Getting Ready

I'm so excited for the upcoming Global Wicca Summit. Witches from all over the world will be getting together to discuss changing times and how it effects our religious beliefs and practices.

In the 30 years that I've been practicing witchcraft, I have seen many things change. We are a brilliant spectrum of magical beings, each of us unique, with different views and emphasis, different perspectives and priorities. While it is human nature to want people to believe and think the same…


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Testimonial of Mike Neal

Greetings All, my name is Mike Neal and I have been a Lifetime Member of Witch School ever since I found out about it on the internet. Back then, it was an easy choice to pay a single flat fee and be able to have access to a wide range of classes. Over the years, new classes and other offerings have increased the value of that one-time investment. Many of you may already be familiar with my name, as I conduct the semi-annual auctions to raise funds for the Correllian Tradition…


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Happy Anniversary to Rt. Rev. Ser. Angela Munn

Thank you for all you do! You have played a major role(roll)(Literally in Utah 2015 hehe)in my spiritual journey. I am grateful and honored to be able to call you not only a FRIEND but FAMILY.
It was an honor to be part of your special day this past weekend.
with love always,
Lori B.

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A Letter from Lady Elizabeth Hamilton

Hello, everyone!

Witch School. What is it? It's an online education platform; it's a community; and for many people, it's where they first felt at home.

I am one of the people for whom Witch School was the place I found that felt like “home”. This was around 15 years ago, and the lessons I have learned from those in the community that surrounds and encompasses Witch School have gotten me to where I am today. And I wouldn't change that for the world.

The greatest thing…


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Greetings from Rev. Aisha Beauchemin, on Behalf of WSI


I learned about Witch School from the Proto-Temple, Archaic Temple of Arcere. I joined them back in 2013. I became a Basic Member of Witch School that same year. I enjoyed taking classes like the First Degree course. Once I finished the First Degree course I was ready for more! So I became a Lifetime Member in 2016. I’ve had a wonderful experience since then! There are tons of courses to pick from. From learning about Divination (Basics-Advanced), to Anthropology, Psychic…


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Testimonial Letter of Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe, Witan Herald CNT

Testimonial Letter of Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe, Witan Herald CNT - Dean of Mentoring CEM

I started the First Degree course via email back in 1999. I took the Second Degree course via email as well. I became a Witch School Mentor in 2002, the year after the Witch School website was founded. I had not come across an online school before, and I was impressed by the variety of online courses that had been established already for students by 2002. I can honestly say it is so much easier to take…


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Getting back on path

As I have stated it had been a while since I was able to be here due to conflicts, well that is what I will call them. Since my return I have dove back into my studies. I have inquired how to become a mentor again,and how to reactivate my comatose Witan Shrine. Well progress has been made and the Shrine is being reactivated, I have reapplied for mentoring but have to retake the mentoring training. The people I have been working with on this have been wonderful. They have given their time and…


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