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Learning Magick

People who want to learn Magic must not only collect books or pdf but must dedicate themselves in studying the content of the book and practice it. In practice you will work out what is written in the book that you read and experiment with it in order to obtain the result that you want.

When i study the craft aside from the internet i also have my pen and notebook to write down what i learn and the procedures how i do the things that i am studying. This notebook becomes our Book of…


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The Daily Spell Facebook Page Posting Guidelines

The Daily Spell Facebook Page Posting Guidelines

As the Facebook Flagship of the overall The Daily Spell Channel.

We are seeking to share with the community Pagan-based news and information, including new contents from shows such as The Daily, and content geneated by othes. Do not think that there is too much content posting as each piece will be lucky to be seen by 1- 3% of the actual subscribers to the page.

Simple Guidelines:

1. No political statements unless…


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Greetings Witch Schoolers,

Witch School’s New Web Site has launched! Above all, we want to thank you, our much loved members, all for your patience and understanding in this very long process. We know how hard this was for many of you.

To show our gratitude, we will be extending Lifetime Membership purchases till Nov. 30th. After that date, no new Lifetime Memberships will be available for purchase. Of course, all existing Lifetime Membership will always be honored. This…


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I Am A Gift ! ... And ... The Eden Transmission

I Am A Gift !

I AM a gift, a channel, and the flow of the Creator for myself & the world.

As myself, I AM all that is the Creator, and

All that is the Creator flows through me,

I invite all aspects of my cells and energy to hear me now and respond to the Creator's Energy flowing through me with my every breath,…


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quick update!! AFTER YEARS!!

just a quick post to tell you all im slowly returning!! I am currently working on translating the First degree into DUTCH!!

wanna know how i am doing??? come say hi!!

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Witch School Site Status 10/25/19

Greetings Witch Schoolers,

We know many of you are anxious and excited to get into the new site. We apologize for the delay. Our site is very complex and it took a bit longer than anticipated to get our testers into the new site. We had to make sure that all member accounts and courses were properly reflected before we could begin to address the actual site build issues. We have done a complete member and course reconcilement. We have our 21 testers testing and our contracted…


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Message from the Fundraising Office: Re Lustration of the Living Fall Silent Auction

Merry Meet All, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Lustration of the Ancestors Silent Auction Fund Raising Event a resounding success. From the initial post asking for items to be donated to the Last Call announcement, the Correllian and Witch School members responded so generously. That generosity of those who donated items and from those who bid so vigorously, the Tradition raised over $1,200.00. It is amazing, how only 50 items created by our…


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Witch School Alternative Content: Crystal Oracle adn Ed the Pagan Show

Dear friends, family and members of Witch School,

During the next few weeks Witch School will be undergoing a major upgrade, and we thank you for your patience. Once this is completed, we will have a fully modernized site, ready to continue our lifetime commitment. We have alternative ways to enjoy Witch School’s amazing community.

During this time, our co-founder, now famously know as Ed the Pagan, is working and sharing his adventure in Salem, as a reader and magician sharing…


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Shine Your Light Even Brighter With These Meditations By Steven Hutchinson

Beginners Mind Meditation: Change Your Perspective - Change Your World By Steve Nobel

This meditation is about opening the mind to see and experience a different world than you are use to, for the world you see and experience is more fluid in nature than you realise.…


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Silent Auction Now Open

The CNT Fundraising Office is pleased to announce the start of our Semi-annual Silent Auction.

We have received many wonderful items from fellow Correllians and Witch School members from all over. For this auction we have a wide assortment of items that will likely reach out to you. There are handcrafted items made by our members and friends for you to consider, as well as books, jewelry, divination resources along with many other items.

Follow this link to see photos and…


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Empowering the Men of Wicca

Quite often men face the obscurity of masculinity in Wicca due to glorification of the Goddess. While the Goddess is most important in our faith and spirituality, many often forget the Horned God representing the masculinity of the craft. This is not to take away from either gender but to enhance the experience of both working together. It is by empowering both sides of the spectrum we find balance and harmony. Much like the Goddess works within the Horned One, we find that empowering men…


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Mocksville North Carolina Summer Cruise in

Mocksville North Carolina is located in Davie county and has a population of around 5,000 people. This is also one of my favorite locations to check out cruise-ins and events. They have a lovely cruise-in during the summer not to mention all the concerts in the park.

My second favorite activity in Mocksville, after the cruise-in, has to be their Art… Continue

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19 + questions.

In the future I will be discussing about an unsolved case. Each week I will open with a question with the possible matching subsequent question (or two) that went with it...

We can hope justice will find it's way and give peace to the victim's family for once and for all.

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China Grove North Carolina Summer Cruise in

China Grove in a small town near Salisbury in North Carolina. They have a population of around 4,200. "China Grove's name derives from a grove of chinaberry trees that was located next to the old train depot." as stated on their town page. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean this town was on top of the beauty!…


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A Musical Order

I've been doing some thinking since my lustration trip and since I have talked to a few friends in confidence about this, and I think that there should be an order dedicated to musical arts and the science behind music and the healing properties that melodic melodies and the harmonies put with them can unleash. Music therapy is something that I am studying to be and I want to spread more awareness about this tool in enriching our lives on mental and emotional levels. Music has always been…


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Lexington North Carolina's Que City Cruise'n

If I haven't already mentioned it I am a huge Classic car fan. One of my favorite past times is checking out the best Cruise-ins happening on the Eastern side of this great USA. I plan on writing about every single one I visit and giving you the best spots to chow down while you watch the sexiest classic cars and most ferocious gassers cruise on by.

On the…


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Mudding in Big Lick a family event

If you know anything about the south you will know that southerners love their big trucks and the bigger the truck the more mud you can sling.

Big Lick Festival Park is located in Oakboro North Carolina, just south of Albemarle. It is home to the summer's relaxing downtown cruise in, which I will write about in another article; it's also… Continue

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Civic responsibility or Civic Engagement - Who Cares?

Civic responsibility is frightening to many individuals: There are many excuses to ignore it, including lethargy, alienation, and lack of knowledge, (Ehrlich 2000, Ramaley 2000). It has become apparent in the academic literature that the lack of participation in the political process by those under the age of 50 is due to lack of education, particularly at the higher education level, (Ramaley 2000). This situation is present in the pagan community as well. There are approximately 1.3 million…


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Gossip-Craft A Destructive part of ANY COmmunity

"Gossip-Craft": What is it?

How many times have we walked into conversations that start with something like, "Did you hear what happened at the coffee shop yesterday between Sue and Rob?" Most people at least initially are curious about what happened. A quick look at broadcast shows will bring a plethora of gossip programs. The supermarket is full of magazines that are primarily about he said, she said, they were, for celebrities.

Well, what exactly is it?



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