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November 2007 Blog Posts (4)

Why isn't it Colder!

Did you you know that the colder it gets the more germs are killed! So, although I prefer the warmer weather, given that it is November-I want Coldness here!!!

Why? you wonder... because I am TIRED of being Sick!!

I still have a temperature! I still have aches and pains and sore throat and such... I want to get better and I can't go to the Doctor's ( no insurance and not in the budget... very little money extra anyway!!!)

So with it being November in Kentucky...… Continue

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Magical Notes

Friends are great. It is a wonderful friend who lets one borrow a book for over a month or more and never mentions having you return it. It shows trust! What is even better is that when that friend brings back the book that was borrowed!

Why this comment?

I borrowed a book from a friend... I have had it for about a month. Not once has she asked for it back. Not once has she Hinted that I would not bring it back...

She know s that I've been sick and she is a very… Continue

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The Magic

If anyone tells you that you really shouldn't do magic while sick... LISTEN!


Besides, Why would you want to something that takes so much energy, when you haven't got it to spare. Your body's energy is needed in order to help get you better. Those times you are sick. Those are the times that your body is telling you that it needs a rest. So, listen to you body and rest and get better.

Also, the more that you concentrate on getting better the quicker you are… Continue

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Sharing - moved from Blog of Shadows

Originally from Blog of Shadow on site.

Posted on 11/20/2007

So, that no one misunderstands. I'm not feeling great today. Oh, Well. It has to do with Sharing, the ultimate sweetness. All those bugs and germs that go around this time of the year (amoung many times of the year...) that are shared between school children, who then share with their families... Yah... not. My family is really sick (sorry, no pun intended there.) of this specific type of sharing. Don't… Continue

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