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Ritual at Tituba Temple for New Calendrical Year

Greetings all,

Tonight we did New Year’s ritual at Tituba Temple here in Salem. It was a lovely ritual that included our Temple Dedicants Alfred and Melissa. In the ritual we released things we want to let go of as the old year passes, and manifested thing we hope to see grow in the new year. We also had an Oracle from the Ancestors. I thought I would share the Oracle with you:…


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This past years experience...

This past year has been an interesting one for sure. At this point last year I was contemplating new years resolutions. I finally decided on the resolution to allow the spirits to work through me, instead of me working against or through the spirits.

It was one heck of a year. I lost my apartment, my daughter and I moved in with a close family friend, I have made friends, and some friends have moved on, I started going back to college in order to better my life and provide better for…


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A splendid book ...

This was one of those “throw ins” that I'd seen on-line and added to an Amazon order … with my only vaguely being aware of what it was about (i.e., I'd not seen a review, or had it recommended or followed up on a reference in another book). I'm very glad that I picked it up, as Jacob Needleman's…


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Eyes are the window to our soul.

My first blog post...

I have been a member of sense 2004ish, and a lifetime member sense 2006ish, and it has just come to my attention that I have been neglecting my studies. I have not done anything on this website in a very long time, and I have made a personal resolution to change that. The first point of order I suppose would be to let anyone that cares know who I am.

My name is Mathew, In the magic community, and sometimes on the streets I go by a variety…


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Correllian Council of Elders New Year's Address

The Correllian Council of Elders sends greetings to our clergy, members, and friends throughout the world.

As we approach the end of 2011, we are struck by the idea of “new beginnings” attached to the Season. The spiral of the year has brought us to the center and the fullest depths of introspection. We are now poised to begin the outward spiral and express into the world in 2012 all we have learned in the past year.

This has been a year of changes for our Correllian Tradition.…


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Something new for the masses

Gypsie's Cauldron is proud to announce that it will be doing Tarot card readings for all. This not a free service, but it is very affordable nonetheless. Make an appointment when you are of avail, I will confirm it, make a small payment and there you go. Pretty simple, right? Also, we have two shops that have over 500+ items in stock for the shopper in everyone.

Furthermore, we have currently revamped our blog to be pointed…


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So much depends on context ...

Here's another book that I got from's “Early Reviewer” program. Sam Sommers'…


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Reflecting on 2011: Why are so many Christians hostile towards Wicca and Paganism?

At the start of 2011, the Catholic Truth Society published a booklet: "Wicca and Witchcraft - Understanding the Dangers" by Elizabeth Dodd. It purported to "explain" Wicca from a theologically sound Catholic point of view. This booklet and other larger books * have in large measure defined 2011 for me.

I was irritated enough by what I read in these books to write a response. For a number of years, I have acted as the media officer for the…


Added by Gavin Andrew on December 30, 2011 at 7:58am — 1 Comment

Daily Reading for Saturday, 31 December, Year 11 Aq.

Saturday December 31

Today’s reading is:

Seven of Rods


Two of Coins

Our first card today is the Seven of Rods, whose meaning is victory after hard work –though effort is required the things we desire can be brought to pass.…


Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on December 30, 2011 at 3:00am — No Comments

Writing writing writing...

I just bought a new book from my favorite new age shop in Jim Thorpe and I'm filling up the pages fast! It's more or less a personal journal than anything else, but I didn't realize how good it makes you feel to write what you're thinking. It's very blunt and very personal, I'm not holding anything back. It's the only way I can vent while I'm at Miseri. I hate it there, the place is full of people but I'm all alone. I haven't really made any friends, everyone there is a total gidet,…


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Daily Reading for Friday, 30 December, Year 11 Aq.

Friday December 30

Here is our reading for today:

Seven of Rods


King of Coins

Today’s first card is the Seven of Rods, indicating victory after hard work. With it is the Magician, a Major Arcanum that indicates our ability to…


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Christmas 2011

Dear Everyone

Christmas was terrific despite not getting as many presents as I'd hoped, and some changes in plans that were last minute. For an alcoholic that's hard to deal with (being out of control). I didn't drink though. I enjoyed spending time with my brother, his wife and my 3 year old niece. They were visiting from Irvine CA.

We had Christmas early because of their visit. I got a Pema Chodron calendar. She's a buddhist monk. Her wisdom has helped me stay sober even though…


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The Biology of Belief

I am currently reading a fascinating book called "Why Won't God Go Away" and the authors did a study on the brain during peak meditative state on people of all different religions, creeds and ethnicities. These were the fascinating results.

The primary job of the Orientation Association Area (Located in the rear of your brain) is to orient an individual in physical space-…


Added by Stardust on December 28, 2011 at 4:30pm — 3 Comments

Analysis of Chrono,

p>What is it that makes the Universe tick ..hmm? Some all powerful source that bridges all points of arguement? a Godess or 2 or 5? Does something like that even matter in this universe? perhaps to some not at all to others..But people aproach the creation and the universal questions the same way all humans approach the cocncept of government, from..what i perfer to call wrong direction..

everyone thinks of trying get to the end with being almost…


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Daily Reading for Thursday, 29 December, Year 11 Aq.

Thursday December 29

Today’s reading is:

Ace of Coins

Page of Swords

Three of Cups

Today’s reading begins with the Ace of Coins, a card representing money and prosperity. With it is the Page of Swords, which emphasizes the need…


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Online Store Benefits WSI

Blessed Be family! Today I opened an Ebay virtual store called Oberon's Virtual Storefront. The purpose is to raise money for my upcoming move at midsummer, and i have many unique and beautiful items of jewelry, collectibles, dishware, etc. And to help support the school, i will donate 10% of my proceeds to Witch School International!

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Daily Reading for Wednesday, 28 October, Year 11 Aq.

Wednesday December 28

Here is our reading for today:

Four of Rods



Today’s first card is the Four of Rods, a card of success and achieving something that we have desired and worked for. With it is the Tower, a…


Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on December 27, 2011 at 3:00am — 1 Comment


Thank you to all of you who went by my blogs and left comments or started following me, that was very sweet of you.

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Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had great holidays weather it was .Christmas/ Yule or both like we do in my house. So I've belonged here for a few weeks now just kinda looking around trying to get to know more about this site. There's a lot of interesting groups here and so many things to learn, with so many awesome witches/pagans! I would really like to get to know you all better and for you to know me also. So a little info about me, I'm married, have five children ages from 28 to 13, two…


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Daily Reading for Tuesday, 27 December, Year 11 Aq.

Tuesday December 27

Here is today’s reading:


Seven of Rods

Four of Cups

We begin our reading today with the Fool, a Major Arcanum that indicates the importance of trusting our own judgment and not second-guessing ourselves.…


Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on December 26, 2011 at 3:00am — No Comments

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