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Movies & me: part one

Movies%20and%20me.docxWhen I write about movies or any motion picture; I am not playing the role of a critic. I don’t think I have the right to judge anyone’s labor of love. To create that visual tapestry on celluloid is not easy; irrespective how good or bad the movie is. There are a lot many people who depend on this “make believe” world for a living. Those who follow their…


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Tarot cards and health issues: part one

Tarot%20cards%20and%20health%20issues%20part%20one.docxMost of us suffer from some or the other health issue. It gets more common and chronic as we age. Ageing is a natural process which is irreversible and no one can stop it. Youth is momentary and it has to go some day or the other. As long as it is there; we do not value what we have. Only once it is gone; do we know how…


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web portal

Since the year 1999 (the year when my experience with tarot cards started); I have listed my services to propagate my work: on different platforms and multiple broadcasting mediums. Whether it is listing my services on social networking web sites: or publishing an advertisement in a news paper publications or foreign periodicals. By the grace of god; I have been able to indulge in every possible medium of broadcasting and visibility. I am grateful to god for the same. I am also grateful to…


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Meditation and rituals involving Tarot cards

Meditation as a term is very subjective and relative. What applies to you may not apply to me. At the same time we both could be right in our own way. My own understanding is restricted and flawed due to prejudice, bias and past experiences. What heals your soul and helps you dig your subconscious; and seek what is not known or acknowledged or not yet accepted. There are many modes and techniques of meditation. Although I am not the appropriate person to comment on meditation; my soul is too…


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Do you live in your present?

I always keep wondering how difficult it is to live in your present phase. Some of us live in the past or some of us live and only think about the future. How many of us actually live in our present with respect to our emotions, mind and thought processes. I really do not have an answer for this and maybe will never find an answer either. My mind is so restless and scattered. I find it very difficult to focus and concentrate. I wonder if others experience as I do. Emotional urges, thought…


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Learning: part one.

Tarot cards are widely used throughout the world for divination, meditative and occult purposes. The language of the tarot is extremely unique and sacred in its own way. It does emphasize on the philosophy of karma, different elemental forces, the mythology and the importance of the twelve zodiac signs, the age old occult practices and the craft of the wise ones.

To understand and gain benefit from the language of the Tarot, one needs to have faith in it. Faith is something that needs…


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The Rituals of Death: Part One

The day any human soul is born. We know that the same soul will leave his or her physical form and experience the eventuality of death. Birth, mating, procreation and death: these are the rituals of living. Which are pre-destined, inevitable and controlled by a higher power. Birth and death are inevitable but mating and procreation may vary from individual soul to…


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Oldest Profession

There are two reasons or motives which made me write this article or blog. Firstly the fact being that I worship Goddess Kali. The goddess of: destruction, revenge, the consort of Mahakaala, the patron of sex workers and hermaphrodites. Secondly for a tarot card reader people from a profession: which is uncertain and dependent on the flow of customers; form a substantial part of the clientele. I would expect a stock broker or a trader on any stock exchange to be more receptive towards my…


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The three phases of trauma or suffering

The seventy eight cards of the Tarot deck correspond and culminate all the experiences any human soul goes through in one lifetime. Emotions like: love, pain, suffering and happiness are universal and generic. What someone felt eons ago is the same that we would experience as of today. When it comes to emotions and matters of the heart; nothing much…


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Frequently asked questions on Tarot: part one.

Frequently asked questions on Tarot: part one.

What are Tarot Cards? What do they imply?

To me the 78 pack of Tarot cards imply a book; a book which represents life. It’s emotions and every possible experience that any human soul is bound to go through in his or her lifetime. Each card represents a tapestry of emotions. Through a narrative; which is visually enriched: In the form of pictures. The cards are classified into Major Trump and Minor Trump or the elemental suits. The…


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The cards of separation in Tarot: part one.

Emotional separation is an important experience in life. It shows us the nadir of our existence. A phase where we feel as though we are stuck-up in sinking sand and there is no way out for survival. It also makes us appreciate and respect any good experience that we come across post that phase. The suite of Swords: in the pack of Tarot cards. Is one elemental suite; wherein most of the cards denote or imply emotional and human suffering.

The three of Swords is a card ruled by the…


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When your will is all that you have so as to survive.

Long ago someone had told me that life is an eccentric gift. When that gift comes to us; we feel that the gift is made of clay but when we know it does not belong to us. Hence, will not come to us. We realize that the same gift is far more precious than gold itself. It is a trait of the human psyche to hate or underestimate the importance of what we already have. We crave for those things which are difficult or impossible to achieve. Desires and fulfillment form one aspect of your life.…


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Feedback is always welcome.

I am a huge fan of Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes and Brida. I have also loved Wilbur Smith’s River God; Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan and Delhi. These books have a high emotional content. Writing about emotions without making them loose their importance is very difficult. The writing needs to be crisp and at the same time it needs to touch your soul. What makes it more difficult is that emotions are fragile, short-lived, influenced by impulse and very biased. Add to that the fact that…


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Love, Passion & Wicca.

As soon as the month of February starts and the hindu calendar month of ‘phalgun’ begins. The season of love takes its charge. This is the phase which creates desires in each and every soul out there. Desires which may not always find happiness or fulfillment but which still do exist. Tarot card readings for love life or based on relationships; are a staple component in the set of questions for any card reader.

Love and passion are two emotions which make the world go crazy. The…


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The elemental suit of cups corresponds to the water element.

The elemental suit of cups corresponds to the water element. Water is a very powerful element especially in the field of occult, astrology and the meta physical. It governs emotions, the subconscious, the aspects of life which are hidden and not exposed to the naked eye. This element also has strong regenerative powers and the ability to search and know the unknown. This element bestows people with good and substantial spiritual powers, excessive sexual urges and a tendency to get jealous and… Continue

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The Suit of Wands in Tarot Cards.

The suit of wands in the tarot cards, corresponds to the fire element. In astrology, tarot and other subjects of occult; fire element corresponds to profession, an ability to work or create opportunities of employment, craftsmanship, managerial talent, being resourceful and opportunistic. People with a strong fire element in their birth charts; are very resourceful in terms of work.…


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The last six cards of the Pentacles’ suite.

The pentacles’ suite in the tarot cards represents money matters, financial issues, investments, inheritance and all aspects of daily living which require money and assets. In life we all have to make a living by earning our bread and butter. It is difficult to earn a living and very difficult to earn a living which we like doing or are comfortable with. The pentacles’ suite relates to money and all aspects of money like business, job investments, property, spending habits, luxurious living or… Continue

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The first four cards of the pentacles’ suite.

The suit corresponding to the Earth element in the 78 tarot cards is the suite of Pentacles. In astrology or zodiac signs or the tarot cards; the purpose, traits, features and attributes of the Earth element remain the same and are very similar. It is the element which signifies a very practical approach in life. Someone who may not be very good in planning; but is very good in execution and implementation of his or her plans. At the same time, this person is very resourceful even with a meager… Continue

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The last three numbered cards of the sword's suite.

The Language of the Tarot is very unique in itself. It covers every aspect of human life. Planets, zodiac signs, occult

knowledge and practices, every emotion or circumstances we go through. Our life

may advance; technology may improve on a daily basis. But our emotions, the

human instinct and our response to suffering and the basic pleasures of human

life remain the same. Suffering is important because that is when we learn;

that is when we realize…


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Four more cards from the swords

Tarot cards are used for mulitple purposes. Starting from fortune telling, divination,

wiccan rituals and through various occult practices. What is important is to understand,

acknowledge and accept that every card has a life if its own; a story unique to itself. In the

sword's suite, the four of swords is a card ruled by the planet Jupiter. It implies a period of…


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