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a tale I Tell

"Man has his will -but woman has her way ".

for a merry heart does good like medicine.

It was that a man listened with great admiration to a well known speaker , he was very popular 

and of course a leader when it came to giving speeches. Now the man hung on to every word the speaker was saying 

but he alos studied the mans…


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* the Man and Myth *

At the beginning of time and perhaps our century the specialists mythologists were fond of assuring us that myth was related to a specific state of primitive human thought , thus the human mind they said before we as a civilization became more sensible to reason , all saw the world as a stage for a dramatic conflict between capricious wills and thus they stated dogmatically that human society in the course of its historical evolution was forced to go through a prelogical period ?   in which…


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* Unwavering Faith *

This day I tell you a story : 

Their lived a very self - reliant bird , this bird was a go- getter , a self starter and he was not one to just follow the flocks.In fact their was nothing of the follower in him , For he played and he sang and he praised to the Great Spirit  each…


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* Beauty *

 Waiting , yes patiently waiting

till the next steps made plain will be :

To hear with the inner ear

the voice that will call to all of us

Waiting yes hopefully waiting…


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" It Ti's The Season "

And I wish All of you Favor .

All around the world in this special month , their is cause for many a celebration . It is the time we when celebrate the Winter Solstice , and many cultures have their own names for this special time .

For the Buddhists  celebrate Bodhi Day…


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" All Saints / All Souls "

( All Hollows ) known to all of us around the world or perhaps not ? according to the Vatican, this is the feast of the redeemed , for those that are known and those that are unknown , and who according to their philosophy, are now in the heavens. It is said that it has its Eastern origins, first ' commemorating' ," the martyrs of the whole of the…


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" Crys for a Vision "

A buffalo robe was draped over him and he haled a pipe in front of him its bowl was sealed with tallow , the youth walked with the resolute step of one who knew exactly where he had to go and what he had to do , for he had set off on a age old quest known to the people as hanbleceya, or the crying for a vision , a ordeal that is performed by most…


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So close, so very close, are the bonds between animal and humans, it was told that even the animals formed clans of their own , hidden camps and villages where they returned when they had died.It was believed that within these villages the animals removed their fur and feathers and they looked and acted like humans and in time their souls might…


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" The wisdom of creatures "

The significance of animals in our Native American cultures has extended far beyond hunting ceremonies.

For the earth its self was thought to be am animal a giant turtle floating in a vast sea that was endless , and its understandable how we could come to this conclusion , when our planets floats in a vast sea of…


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" Deer Dance "

Now it was that one day a herdsman decided to give up his flocks and become a hunter at least according to legend after crafting a bow and many arrows he sat out into the wilderness in search of deer and other pray , he was seeking their hides in order to make himself some new clothing. Now while resting early one morning on a stump near a clump of…


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" Supernatural "

As the rains of winter evolve , strange being appeared in many villages , peoples that have lived for generations.Entering what we could call perhaps a temple or church these were know as ceremonial. Thus crowded with on lookers perhaps members of the tribe, and yet others from villages in the area. Their in dance was a array of spiritual perhaps even demonic to some , Birds , ghosts , wolves and a array of creatures and the majority representing the carved masked, their ancient dance and…


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" The Great Spirit Cont. "

To our left you will see a Jar , but it is not a ordinary Jar , It it know as the Wedding ritual Jar . When a couple is to be united in the Great Rite of Marriage , it is a tradition that one of these is made, it is made by the parent of the groom and presented  in a gathering of both families, when it is completed . At this time the bride brings out…


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as we continue ....

In a sense the meeting of the Great Spirit was far from unique , in our native American world

countless revelations as well as experiences are not reserved for only worriers or great chiefs , the communication with mysterious powers is indeed available to all of us and not just those that follow a native…


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" Through the eyes of Native America "

Our Native brothers and sisters lived in a world of symbols where the spiritual and the common place were indeed one. To our world today symbols are just words most empty in nature . To our Native brothers and sisters that they are part of nature , part of the self or their selves , the earth , the sun the winds , the rian the storms , trees , even little insects . A pipe or…


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" A Holy Miser or was He "

Their was once a beggar who's name we will call Larry, and he came to a strange city , and when straight to the

prominent  side of town, and here started to beg for money , it was here that he saw a big beautiful house , and walking up to the door he rang the bell , a man opened the door, and invited him…


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" Excellent Human Experience "

It is this day that I tell you a Tale, a story to draw from, so wont you read along ....

It was that a angel searched the world and it indeed saw many things , and on its journey it was impressed with a man that was standing in the middle of a road , as the man was very confused…


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"Three acts of kindness, a little Prayer and a Stranger ? "

A tale of over a hundred and fifty years ago , a spirit ? a ghost ? or could their be something to reincarnation ?

Did you know that in days of old, if someone was behind in the rent the landlord could take the law into their own hands ? and they could empty the house of all of the families belongings and sale it . He had a choice to place the family under arrest and could even sale them as slaves . And this is what happened…


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" Our Lady "

Come , Oh come all ye that yearn for me and be filled

with my fruits , for you shell remember me as sweeter then Honey .

 Your heart beat pulses through the universe

steady and fateful you are .



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* Autumnal Equinox *

Autumnal Equinox

Of all the four sacred initiatory seasons of the year, none perhaps is so difficult to describe as the events and trials and success that belong to the initiation of the Autumnal Equinox, technically called the Great Passing. As the Winter Solstice is connected with the event called the Great Birth, and the Spring Equinox connected with the…


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Now we all know that the Buddha never wrote a word perhaps much like that of the christ, but as in so many other 

following there disciples did and they memorized there teachings, and these being set down as the first books , and in all of these they seemed to hold miraculous events , which preserved and recorded by there followers . To day there are three main books ,…


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