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Correllian Fleece Jackets and Polo Shirts

Show off your Correllian Pride with a custom embroidered Fleece Jacket and/or Polo Shirt from the Temple of Enchanted Mystery. Correllian Fleece Jackets $45.00 and Correllian Polo Shirts $18.00. Order by September 30, 2018 to receive your custom Correllian clothing the week of October 28, 2018.

"Correllian Nativist Church" will be embroidered above the Correllium Sigil…


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Correllian Military Department

Greetings to my fellow Correllians,

The Correllian Military Department is open to individuals who have served or are serving in the military of any country and who are members of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. It is also open to military spouses under the same criteria, as well as Department of Defense civilians (or their equivalent in other countries).

We hope to see the Correllian Military Department grow and thrive. Unfortunately, many would like to keep us in glass with…


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My First Video


Just got done creating and uploading my very first video While there is room from much improvement I think it was ok overall.

Hopefully as the "Raising Correllian" project moves forward the videos will get better. Creating it did cause we to really appreciate people and their own video creations. People such as Lord Don who makes such great Vlogs and other videos.


Rev. KaiAidan

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This Week's Blast From the Past

This Week's Blast From the Past is From June 19, 2005


I have just finished taken the Wee Spirit Course at WitchSchool. The Course was informative, and hey it even makes you think. Unlike most of the exams at Witchshool it is not Multiple Choice. As part of the Exam a set of…


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Thursday: Blast From the Past

I think a journal is very important, you would be surprised what your previous self has to say on different subjects. Look back into the past and see.

Here is a blast from the past :

Originally written: Tuesday, December 16th 2003 4:32 AM

Witchschool ?

I have been a…


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May Tinker Bell Live On

Every child believes in faeries. How many times has a child sat in front of a television or listening to their parents, hearing the tale of Peter Pan. How many adults say that famous phrase with their children, trying to bring Tinker Bell back to life. For the most part the children believe, but the adults are just saying, it not really believing in some ways the Fae…


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The Faeries' Oracle

Sept 8, YEAR 14 Aquarius

(General Ramblings)

Well it is now a little after 4 am and of course being a night owl I am still up, surfing the web, taking classes and tests at WitchSchool. As a member since 2002-2003 (?) I can say I have taken many classes. Many times over the years I have seen the Divination with the Faery Oracle course, but I have never taken it. Not because the Faeries' Oracle doesn't interest me, but because it does. In general my studies and practices have a…


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