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Happy Sabbat

Happy Holidays everyone!

What are you celebrating this holiday season?

Are you celebrating Hanukkah? Christmas? Kwanzaa? Yalda? Dongzhi? Korochun? Sanghamitta? Ziemassvetki? Or Yule?

Whatever you are celebrating this season, know that it is not all about religion or the specific faith you belong and affiliated with.

But this holiday season is all about Love.

and yes! This season is all about love. It is not about the gifts you are giving or receiving. It is…


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Do God need Money?

I often see money post at Facebook as well as hearing from a Christian Pastors and Tele evangelist that God will bless the people with Financial Wealth.

But do really God bless us with Money? If that is so why there are preachers who ask money from their members in order to support the works of God? There are street preachers collecting money from people who does not belong to their sect/denomination and even on public utility buses.

Why is that so? Do God need money to sustain…


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CNT SOLA Mourns for the passing of our fellow Correllian Outer Court Member in the Philippines

CNT SOLA extend our heartfelt condolences to our fellow CORRELLIAN OUTERCOURT MEMBER, Rev. DARYL CATALUNA of CEBU. May our great ancestors greet you and accompany you as you arrive to the land where time and space is n0t bound. May the Goddess and God bless you with peace and prepare…


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Luntiang Aghama recieved a Golden Wand from Correllian Tradition

This Fall Lustration of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, it was unexpected that Luntiang Aghama will recieved a Golden Wand Award.

The Order of the Golden Wand represents fire, the realm of passion and action, recognizes acts of bravery or compassion in the service of others.

It was Rev. Zaina Katherina Ghazzoul of the Sacred Light Temple, Maryland, Baltimore also an awardee of the Order of the Iron Pentacle who informed me about the News.

It is a very humbling and…


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Enjoying our Freedom

im not testing the Freedom of Religion in the Philippines. And i believe we have it here. But how can a private mall specially in foodcourt, i was forbidden to use tarot card with a friend?

This is what i need to know. A mission to safegurad our Freedom.

Tarot Cards is our Tool in faith.

It is like the rosary or Bible of the Christian.

People do pray publicly here in the Philippines. And Even Preach their Gospel on public utility vehicles and even ask donations to…


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Freedom of Religion is Alive in the Philippines

I am an outer court member of the Correllian Tradition and the Shrine Keeper of Luntiang Aghama. But the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama ministry began even before becoming a Correllian. Last August, i receive a calling to incorporate Luntiang Aghama to a legal church in the Philippines. For there are no legal Wiccan Church or Pagan Clergy that has been incorporated in our country.

September 4, 2012 the Securities and Exchange Commission grant Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of…


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Finding gaia

Just want to share this to everyone.

This is a picture taken after the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama lecture ritual held in celebration of Earth Day 2012 with the theme: Honoring Mother Earth.

Truly when we call upon the Goddess and God, they came and try to manifest their presence not only through…


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Is ESP real?

I received a text question from a student of Eusebio High School in Pasig.

But before we answer that, let me rephrase the question- What is ESP?

ESP means Enhanced Sensory Perception. It is not as it was commonly think about as an Extra Sensory Powers.

Every being in this world has it. Even plant and animal has sense ability.

Human being is said to have five senses, i.e. Sight, Hearing, Smell, taste, and Touch. And they perceive their senses through… Continue

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Samhain 2010

The dead cannot remember! But the Living! We live because of the Spirit. The dead has a body but it cannot move. The Dead can have a nose but cannot breathe. The dead has the same feature like us but

it has no life.

We are alive! Because we live!

The dead are dead because they have no…


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Talk with the inner self

This afternoon i shuffle my cards and talk to my higher-self.

But instead of reading the cards, the time put me into a deep sleep.

As i sleep, a vision came that i was standing in front of a cave that looks like an open mouth with a protruded tongue as its stairs.

I woke up, and the vision remains into my mind.

I went out of the house and walk. I lead me walking in a park, asking my self what i need to do.

Meeting people or meeting my higher… Continue

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Word about belief...

A friend of mine send text message saying: "how can we believe if in the middle of the word beLIEve is the word LIE?"

My response: "that is the reason why we need Faith and not just beliefs."

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Conserve Energy

LAst Sunday was my 31st Birthday. And as i read an article in a local newspaper, i run into a page that teach to conserve energy.

We often heard that to the environmental group activist to conserve energy and save the earth.

But as i think of the thought that they opened, i ask my inner self that what is energy?

As far as i know, that energy is all around us. It is not created nor ccan be destroyed. It changed and even manifested in many… Continue

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Mother Earth Speaks

Mother Earth Speaks to me this morning during my meditation.

It is her day today. People advocating to save the earth are all around celebrating her day.

In my mind she says: " You know that you are living on earth. But what you did'nt realize

is that you are actually living in me." "All the things you do for me is just a show off."

"You keep hurting me as you do continously pretending to love me but you are not." What i

you to do for me is… Continue

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