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Peace for Today...8/2/2014

Blessings to all!

During this time I would like to offer a few words on the power of our thoughts.  What we think about, we create.  Together we create this reality. This is why it is so important to focus on what our thoughts are, what we think about.

Currently there is much concern about the state of Peace in our world. Many are  waging a 'war' for Peace.  The…


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Peace For Today. July 28, 2014

Peace for Today is about being Peace and sharing Peace, with all beings and all that exists.

I would like to invite everyone to visit the 'Peace Weavers' open group here at Witch School International. The group is sponsored by The Order of Peace Weavers a Chartered Order of the Correllian Tradition whose members are members of the Correllian Tradition's clergy and Outer Court.

The Peace Weavers group is a social group, that anyone can join, where we can come together in perfect…


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☮Peace For Today☮

Peace Through Patience and Spirit

Peace within comes through many channels and by following a path that is unique to you. Each will find their own Peace within by following your own intuition, guidance or path to your heart. One of the most valuable paths to Peace within has been a life-long lesson for me, Patience. It finally made it's point through a painful and quite unnecessary event in my life. I say unnecessary because if I had listened to my own inner guidance, it never would…


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☮Peace for Today, 11.11 Yr 11 Aq.☮

It is believed that the appearnce of the number 1 in multiples is a reminder to us to moniter our thoughts and the thoughts related to our deepest desires as what we ponder, we will manifest into reality. Living from the heart, from love to co-create Peace in our world is my deepest desire.

Today is the perfect day to express your deepest desire, focus on it and manifest it, magically, into reality and into your life. Whatever it is...healing, joy, Peace, money,…


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☮Peace for Today☮Take a Breath...

This is a busy time. The national holiday called 'Labor Day' is today, Monday. 'The Order of Peace Weavers' monthly meditation is on Wednesday (9-7-11); Witch School celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Sunday (9-4-11); Across the nation children and their parents are preparing for, or have already attended, the first day of school; our nation is preparing for the 9/11 Memorial rememberance. No doubt there are many other events and activities in each of our lives.

Through all the…


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☮Peace for Today☮ Being Peace

Are you seeing Peace in your life and thus sharing it with all that is?


It is true. There is much turmoil in the world, not only on a political level, but on a personal level as well. But we do have the power to change how it affects us. All it takes is a change of mind. You would think that changing one's mind would be simple, but for many it is not.


Each day we make decisions. For instance, you might wake up one morning intending to wear a particular color.…


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☮Peace for Today☮ Living Peace Through Love

One of the steps we must take as we strive to live Peace, through Love, is "Forgiving From The Heart."

Sometimes it is hard to forgive. Ego makes it harder. The key to forgiveness or forgiving is to allow yourself to step from behind ego and away from thoughts about who or what you are forgiving. Forgiveness is not necessarily about someone else. It is about you. It is about loving yourself enough to give yourself a blessing. The blessing is the act of forgiving whoever or whatever hurt… Continue

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A Gift of Love For All.

Merry Meet, EveryOne!

In an effort to encourage the giving and sharing of Love and living from the heart, The Gift of Loving Touch™ free attunement modality is being released to the world on this Imbolc/Lammas day. This is a gift from Our Lord and Lady (Our Divine Parents). It is a free gift and is to be given and shared freely with all beings.

The attunement is already set all you need to do to accept it and work with the techniques for sharing Love is to say the Blessing… Continue

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☮Peace For Today☮...What are you sending and thus manifesting?

At one time or another in your daily activity, interaction with others comes into play. Someone may call you or visit; you might have an appointment or use public transportation; you might simply share a wave with a neighbor. No matter how it happens, are you consciously aware of your emotional state when speaking or interacting with others?

We have a choice. The law of attraction will bring us what we send out. We will attract that which we desire or intend by the emotional… Continue

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Peace For Today...Giving Thanks... 25 Nov. Yr 10 Aq.

On this day many are celebrating a day of Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday has its own history and has come to mean different things to different people. At this time I would like to give thanks to our Lord and Lady for life, love and inner Peace, gifts they have bestowed upon each and every one of us. Our Divine Parents have expressed Their love to each one of us with these gifts. As spiritual beings enjoying a physical existence, I believe we have been blessed with all the gifts we…


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Peace For Today...Living From Love

As a Weaver of Peace, I have devoted my life to directing others to Peace through the process of awakening the Peace within themselves. As I follow the path to true Peace, I am learning and growing as I know we all are. I believe that Peace is not only a state of being, but it is a direct end result or fringe benefit, if you will, of being love.

I believe it is our purpose on this planet, to live a life of love and being love and as a result, creating Peace; to give love…


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☮Peace For Today ☮-- 26 September Yr. 10 Aquarius

‎"When you find Peace within yourself and by sharing it with others, inspire them to do the same...this is the path to true Peace."T.Helton.

Peace is on the minds and in the hearts of many. There are countless amazing groups and activities throughout the world, all of them promoting Peace. The awareness of not only of the need for Peace but the desire for it, is overwhelming and inspiring.

And that is what the quote above is…


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Peace For Today...5 Aug. Yr.10 AQ.

It's been a while since my last 'Peace For Today' posting. I have given this much thought.

On August 3rd, 2009, the Order of Peace Weavers was granted its charter by the Correllian Tradition. Since then we created our official Order group on Witch School which is the patron group for 'Peace Weavers' on Witch School.

Here's a short bit on what we are about. Simply put:

We are aware of the conflict and turmoil that occurs on our planet and address it…


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Peace For Today-"Peace and Loss"-30 May 10 Aq.

My blessed eldest brother passed into the Light a few days ago...

When the news came it was like standing at the seashore with the cool water lapping at your feet. The sand still firm beneath them....then...without warning a thunderous wave curls over your head and the sand erodes beneath your feet and you are tumbling beneath the waves, no chance for that last precious breath, wondering if you will ever breathe…


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Peace For Today. 4 May 10 Aq.

Though this may have been covered before, I feel it bears repeating. The movement toward Peace is generally viewed in relation to the end of war. That is the priority. However, like many, I believe it goes deeper than that. I believe it must begin on a personal level. It must begin with a search for Peace within one's heart. Our blessed Lady reminds us that if what we are searching for we do not find within, we most certainly will not…


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Peace For Today...13 April 10 Aquarius

Spirit says that the path to Peace begins with love. Archangel Michael says: "Open every part of your heart to love.." In every part of our work toward spiritual enlightenment we are advised to open ourselves to the love that is within.

When we open to love, and recognize that it is our connection to the Divine Source, we find Peace.

We know this already, right? It has…


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Peace for Today...4 April Year 10 Aquarius

Peace and Love Go Hand In Hand....

You really can't have one without the other.

My guides have related the message to me that success in any area related to spiritual growth must begin with Love, primarily loving…


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Peace For Today...28 March 10 AQ.

Merry Meet!

Earth Hour has come and gone.....

Last night was an opportunity to share an hour of positive time with others who are focused on environmental issues, a topic that is much on the minds of many in this day and age.

From 8:30-9:30pm we turned our lights out, everything, and lit candles. It was a time to share intention in a common cause.

It becomes more and more apparent to me that activities like these are a powerful way to bring about…


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Peace For Today...21 March 10 Aq.

As the springtime days return to the Pacific Northwest, my heart begins to embrace the greening of the trees that had shed their leaves in the long past days of autumn. The evergreen trees and pine trees keep their greenness all winter long; a reminder that the darkness of winter is only temporary.

There is a deep sense of Peace in the springtime woods. The auras of the trees radiate the natural energy of Peace and healing and…


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Peace For Today 14 March 10 Aquarius


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