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Why Everything?

This will be a short blog post today because I have to get ready to teach my summer school class, non-profit financial management, that starts tomorrow. It is a marathon course. We do an entire semester's work in five long, eight-hour days (Fri-Sat-Fri-Sat-Fri) but it is also a lot of fun. Anyway, why did you get up this morning?

I hope you realize that life isn't designed to be fun and games and its not a life-time pass to an amusement park. Life is designed, and we designed it this…


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Why Practice?

I was working on one of the questions in Third Degree comprehensive final exam this morning and this got me thinking about the need to practice what we know.

Have you ever seen someone's book collection with shelf after shelf of books that have never been read? The collection might be impressive but it is also useless.

Magical knowledge is not given to us nor do we collect it so that it can gather dust on a shelf in our minds. The key to being a real Wiccan, a witch or a wizard…


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To Be Or Not To Be

I was working on the essay questions for Lesson XI in the Third Degree course. One of the questions asked about charitable donations and that put the wheels spinning in my little brain. You see, I have a PhD in accounting, am a CPA and I teach the Taxation of Individuals and Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships courses on the university where I'm a professor.

Some mistakenly believe that for all charitable contributions to be tax deductible they must be made to Internal…


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Finding Your Perfect World

Graduation at the university where I'm a professor just ended and I'm sitting three floors above the dell looking down at the graduation crowd and reflecting on the last year.

Early in their senior year many of my students realize that their lives are going to change. They are 22 years old and have been in school since they were 5 and all of the sudden classes, school activities and friends aren't going to be the center of their world.  They want to know what's next and what do…


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Am I Making All This Up?

Probably the most common question that I am asked when I teach shamanic journey workshops (I like to call them "playshops") is "What if I am making the whole thing up?" That's a very good question. It is quite common to feel like you are creating your journey with your imagination, because you are. Well sort of.

I expect that when we journey part of our soul travels to the other world and part remains in our body. In essence, our soul bilocates. The part of our soul that has left…


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After Antibiotics, What?

You most likely have read the story of the 70 year old woman in Arizona who died last week from an infection that was resistant to all 26 antibiotics approved for use in the United States. Unfortunately this is a growing…


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Practicing Munay For All My Relations

Munay is an interesting word in Quechua. As a verb it means to love, to want, and to desire. As a noun it means eternal, unconditional, or unreasoned love (1). The three ancient Inca laws are often stated as tukuy munayniyoc, tukuy llank'ayniyoc, and tukuy yachayniyoc (2). Notice that the first law includes the root…


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Try a Little Shinrin-yoku This Weekend

Shinrin-yoku means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing." The practice was developed in Japan during the 1980s and it has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. The idea is really simple. Going for a relaxing walk in a natural area provides calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits.

You probably already knew this. My wife and I go for a forest walk almost every evening, all year long because it always feels so incredibly…


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Ancestral Links

For a number of reasons I have been thinking a lot about ancestors of late. I had a moment of awakening last night when I realized that we are all connected to an unbroken line of our own ancestors that go back to the beginning of the human race. After all, if the line was broken somewhere in the past we wouldn't be here now. For example, assume that young Olaf died as a child of the plague in the Middle Ages. He died too young to have children . . . his line of potential descendants "died"…


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Wicca, Witchcraft and Shamanism . . . Is There A Difference

I was thinking last night.  I know, it's scary when that happens.  I asked myself, "Self, do you practice Wicca, witchcraft, shamanism? Does it matter what you call it? After all, whatever you call it, it’s just a name."  I have a large natural object growing in my front yard. It has a cylindrical trunk about five feet in diameter, it‘s about 60 feet tall, in the winter it branches are naked but spring is coming and soon the branches will be covered with green buds. Of course you know what…


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Hi all. I have been away for a while and so this is going to be a little more personal than usual. So if you don't like personal blogs then please come back in the future and I'll be my usual self again.

Pulling Away

My 86 year-old mother (that sounds a little funny, like I have another…


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You are a Magician

Here is a copy of a blog post that I just but on my blog site outside of Witch School. I know that you know this but here it is anyway . . .

Set aside all your ideas about magic and magician for a few minutes and stick with me. Ok?

Magic is nothing more than the ability to cause change to…


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More Art in Nature

We went for a walk in the forest again today along a path that is slowly being decorated by some unknown art/nature lover. We affectionately call her/him the "Path Faerie". Sometimes we stop with our children to add to the art in nature. Today, however, we just took a few pictures of the new art. Hope that you enjoy:…


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Immune System Support

The seasonal change from summer to fall brings out the beauty of nature with yellow, orange and golden leaves. However it often seem to bring colds and sniffles as well. In addition, every fall when I return to my classroom at the university I visit classrooms full of new faces that bring new bacteria and viruses with them. Catching a cold in the fall seemed to have become an occupational hazard, that is until I started to use food for medicine and included a variety of immune enhancing…


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Samhain Again . . . Yea!

I don't know about you, but fall has always been my favorite time of year; maybe because its the time of year when the veil between worlds seems to me to be the least dense. The feelings of joy and excitement start for me in mid-August and seem to last until late February. However it peaks around Samhain at the end of October.…


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Nature as Art and Art in Nature

My wife, Heidi, and I decided to take a walk in the forest this morning. Not a fitness walk, just a nice slow walk to enjoy being in nature on an early fall morning. I feel most pagan in the fall and this is by far my favorite time of year. The spirits seem closer to me at this time, don't know why, they just do.

Along the path we discovered that someone had been there before us and had constructed many small altars; at least that's what we thought that they were. We didn't have a…


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What do you do when . . . ?

I have been thinking a lot lately about impermanence, one of the most fundamental Buddhist concepts. The precept reminds us that nothing is constant and that everything changes. Sometimes events remind us that we, everyone we care about, and the things that are important to us are impermanent. What do you do when that happens?…


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Petrified Wood -- A Past-Life Remembrance Tool

If you read my post “The Best Shamanic Journey Ever” you know that I seem to have a special connection to petrified wood. I started collecting rocks in Colorado when I was about six years old. I’ll be 62 in a couple of weeks and I have never stopped appreciating and collecting rocks. As the years have gone my focus has expanded. When I started collecting rocks I was a six-year old fascinated by their colors and…


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Try a Little Feel Good

The winter storm that hit the East Coast this week just about missed Central Virginia.  The Blue Ridge Mountains moved most of the snow to the Northeast and we only had a light dusting, about half an inch, of snow. However, its…


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Full Moon Ritual

Here is the full moon ritual that I wrote and that we used last night.  I had planned on posting this earlier but life got in the way and performing the ritual took precedence over writing the blog.  Last night was cold so we just…


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