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The Daily Spell is a digital media ministry, an outreach to the world, to present the ideas and activities of a Pagan culture to a global audience. The Daily Spell provides knowledge, information and news on an anyone, anywhere, anytime basis. The Daily Spell offers opportunities for diverse voices to share with like minds, so they can communicate directly with each other globally, regionally, locally and one-to-one as needed. The Daily Spell uses technology to build community.



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Seeking Daily Spell Reporters, Writers, and Bloggers

As we expand our coverage we are looking for help.

The Daily Spell Group is composed of many channels of distribution of content. The primary ways include Blogs and Articles, Podcasts, and Video to our wide and diverse audience. In this, we are driven by volunteers and organized to serve as a platform for our communities many voices.

Writers and Bloggers:

We are seeking writers and bloggers who want to share their stories. We are looking for a range…


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Maryann Shares WSI experience

Dear Members,

I find myself thinking back over the past 12 years of my time in Witch School with so many fond memories. When I first started working here I had multiple jobs. I helped with ebay and regular shipping. I answered customer service questions. I even helped in the storefront that we had at the time. Witch School has seen so many transitions over the years that sometimes it has been hard to keep up.

Ed, Don, and Lisa had a vision of opening a physical school location…


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WSI Story: Pagans Hate Advertising

Dear friends and members,

As we move into the future of Witch School, we are always looking for ways to improve. It is because of this desire to provide education, not in the short term but on a lifetime basis, that we decided becoming a 501c3 Religious Education organization was the best option. The fact is that Witch School as it was built, as a commercial site, in untenable and simply not sustainable.

Why is Witch School no longer viable as a commercial operation? Because…


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Pagans Tonight; Halloween Week including Silver Ravenwolf


The week of Samhain (& Beltaine in the southern hemisphere) is upon us once more as the wheel continues to turn. Many of our thoughts turn to the thinning of the veil-visits with the ancestors, the changing of the weather, family get togethers and the return of the dark half of the year (the the last mercury retrograde of the year ). Pagans Tonight Radio Network shares those thoughts and plans to bring you some exciting programming!

This week of Samhain (&…


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Witch School Newsletter Survey

We are working on creating a new weekly newsletter with more information. What we want to know is what do you want to see, and what should we be sharing in a newsletter.

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St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Cards, and Video!

Hello! This is Rev. Don Lewis coming to you from beautiful Florida! Come join me on!

Have you seen the Next Big Thing from Witch School? It’s the Tarot of Hekate, available for the first time ever! I designed this deck to be unique, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to finally see it in print! You’ve seen the black and white artwork in Tarot courses and in my clip art set, but never before has the Tarot of Hekate been produced as an actual deck –and in full color…


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Magickal Experiences

In the world of magick we have experiences that can be wonderful or unpleasant. What experiences have you had? Do you care to share your stories?

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First Degree Video Lessions Available Now

Rev. Don Lewis video lessons for the First Degree now available. More CD's will be available soon including the Super Omnibus and Audio Visualizations for First and Second Degree. Check back often for new products.

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Rev. Don Lewis on Common Book of wicca and Witchcraft Project

Greetings friends,

I am writing to you today to ask you to support the Common Book of Wicca and Witchcraft project. The Common Book of Wicca and Witchcraft is envisaged as a book of ritual, spells, and theological commentary about the wider Wiccan religion and Witchcraft in general, released in public domain so that anyone can make use of it without fear of violating someone’s copyright. You can learn all about this project at…


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Why I want to create a Common Book of Wicca and Witchcraft?

Why I want to create a Common Book of Wicca and Witchcraft?

By Ed Hubbard

I love books and all the wonderful ideas contained within them. I want to be able to give books to my friends and family, as well as all seekers of knowledge. In order to do this now, I have to buy a lot of different books, and that can get expensive very quickly. The main reason for this is because my favorite books are under copyright. These books were written by great authors, and published by companies…


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Creating a Common Book of Wicca and Witchcraft

As we begin our favorite month at Witch School , October, with its special Samhain holiday and Beltane, along with the secular holiday of Halloween, we hope that it finds you in good health and great joy. It is in our prayers that the blessings of the season find you and grant you all that you desire for the holidays.

Witch School has always been focused on public education, teaching to everyone who desires a magickal education, anytime, anywhere. Now, we have launched a new project…


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Happy Anniversary Witch School!

Today, September 4th, Witch School International turns a magickal 13 years old! We are very excited to be celebrating this milestone with all of you, as we continue our commitment to a lifetime of learning and education. Thank you for all that you have done to contribute to this occasion with your support,…


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Witch School 13th Anniversary Update

To all our Honored Members, Students, Teachers, Mentors, and Staff,

Thank you all for your continued support over the years that has helped us to reach our 13th Anniversary on September 4th, 2013. It has been a long strange path that has taken Witch School from a small site with two classes, to the powerful international platform it is today. We still have a long way to go, and without commitment to a lifetime of education, we have only just begun. We are grateful to everyone who…


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Upswing in Salem

Upswing in Salem

By: Rev. Faemore Lorei

When one hears the words Salem, Massachusetts, images are conjured of pointy, black hats and arched back cats, spooky shops of dark delights and happy horrors all aglow with oranges and greens, and things that go bump in the night unseen. Silent buildings loom over streets, thick with ghostly atmosphere, heavy with haunted…


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Visions of the Past - The Gudehovet Site

Visions of the Past - The Gudehovet Site

By: Willaim Brigley - Ravenwolf

             A woman once said to me “You choose the path for you because you feel drawn to it. Not for any other reason.” This is so true. Ever since I first discussed Wicca I felt the desire to dive deep into its history and current…


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The Haunting of Pennhurst

The Haunting of Pennhurst

By Jennifer Surdam

 At the time of its approval for creation in 1903, the Pennhurst State School and Hospital was considered…


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Faemore's Fancy

By: Rev. Faemore Lorei

The spirits of nature have fascinated me forever. They were family and friends, home and the world from the time I was a very young child. We share the same heart. I know this because I feel them in mine. They were My kin, not Other kin; and they still…


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Walking the Wiccan Way

By: Rev. Selene Lilitu

Answer me a question: How much a part of your life is your spirituality? Before you answer, let me explain why I ask. We are Pagans, many of us proud and open about our religion. Some…


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We need your input!

As everyone has noticed, we are working hard to bring you a Witch School page that is even bigger and better than ever before.  But to finish the process, we need your help!  

We want to give the front page a make-over but we need to know what you like and what should go.  Can you take a few minutes to scope out that front page and let us know what you would like to see trimmed down?  It can be hard to find the things you want to know with so much information packed into such a small…


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