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Not able to sleep well since 1 week :S I don't know what is the problem...

1 card Spread

III - The Empress
Position : Outcome
Meaning : This is a major card in the game of life for Wealth. The lady of the kingdom. The Empress card is a royal card. She rules the home and heart. This card always gives me a queen like feeling. She is the decision-making lady in her world. You can make the hard decisions seem simple. You are kind to the ones you love. You may be a right fighter. You are a teacher and a lover of wisdom. You are known to follow your heart in matters of love and family.

It's probably about my worries for the people living at the home I'm working... But a decision... Maybe deciding if I will continue to love the one I love... He is always travelling without saying me anything... :S Or it is saying to me that I have to be strict with the people I'm working with and stop letting them neglecting clients...

3 Cards Spread
Three of coins
Position : Past
Meaning : The Three of Coins indicates learning from your situation, gaining knowledge or skill from what you are doing. In some cases it indicates that the situation in question is a “Life Lesson” whose true value may not become apparent until after the fact. The Three of Coins suggests that you look carefully for what you can learn from the situation at hand.
Nine of swords
Position : Current
Meaning : The Nine of Swords is called “The Nightmare Card” and it indicates that whatever you fear in the situation in question will come to pass. That which you fear cannot be avoided or eluded –indeed, trying to escape this fear will only make it worse. However if you face this fear head on things will go much better than you expect, and you will find that your worst fears were exaggerated. So take courage and face what it is that you are afraid of.
Six of rods
Position : Outcome
Meaning : The Six of Wands represents victory, success, achievement. Often this card represents the successful completion of a long-term goal, or the establishment of a long-term situation whose effects are not positive now but will carry forward into the future.

I have to make a decision based on what I learned, I fear what is hapenning, but by facing this fear I'll earn achievement... Maybe working more on my spiritual, physical and mental health... Or making a decision about my boyfriend... Or quitting my job to go working on a better place... :S

5 cards spread

IXX - The Sun
Position : Past
Meaning : This is a major card in the game of life for Joy. This card is for the guardians of light. The good bringers. This is your time in the sun, your time to shine. This card always gives me a good feeling. Your life may seem rosey. A win fall is in your future. Possible good luck is just around the corner. Good times are a head. You can influence others with your words. You are a creative person. Your smile is your best friend.
Seven of rods
Position : Difficulties
Meaning : The Seven of Wands indicates that you can have what you want in the situation at hand, but you are going to have to work for it. Effort, determination, and perseverance are going to be needed to bring about the outcome you desire, but with the needed work the desired result can be achieved.
Four of coins
Position : Current
Meaning : The Four of Coins indicates stepping back from people or situations: keeping a distance from them, becoming inaccessible, or withdrawing altogether. The Four of Coins represents -in effect- “putting up walls” between yourself and a situation.
Two of coins
Position : Obstacle
Meaning : The Two of Coins represents being extremely busy with many simultaneous pursuits –many “balls in the air” if you would. The Two of Coins suggests that you may be so busy that you scarcely know if you are coming or going, and will find scant time for relaxation or personal reflection.
XIV - Temperance
Position : Outcome
Meaning : This is a major card in the game of life for Temptation. All the things you know better then to do. This card can be about self-control and your wild desire. You may find it hard to choose between them. This card always gives me a carefree person like feeling. You may be a daydreamer. You may be a friendly and fun loving person. You can be very playful and tricky. Some may call you a player. You enjoy parties and know the hot spots. People like to be around you.

So this is really about my insomnia and my condition... I have to begin a lot of things that I find difficult to be happy... But it is scary to have to do this number of things and remembering all ! I have to learn self-control to be free... :S

7 cards spread
Eight of coins
Position : Past
Meaning : The Eight of Coins represents the perfection skills and abilities, coming “into your own”, attaining a level of expertise. You have learned all that you can learn from this situation, and now have that knowledge to apply as you choose. The time for learning has now passed and given way to the time for application of the knowledge gained.
Knight of coins
Position : Emotions
Meaning : The Prince of Coins represents a slow but steady growth that requires time and patience to come to fruition. Progress is being made, but it is slow. This card tells you not to hurry or rush the needed process, but rather to allow the time necessary for the situation to mature.
Six of cups
Position : Difficulties
Meaning : The Six of Cups represents people or situations from your past that will influence your future: people you have known in the past may return to your life, you may find yourself returning to groups or locations that were formerly important to you, or past patterns may repeat themselves.
XVI - The Tower
Position : Current
Meaning : This is a major card in the game of life for Disaster. This card is for the downfalls in a situation. When things seem to break down or away from. This card is for the disruption of a relationship or marriage. This card always gives me an uneasy feeling. Hard and terrible changes maybe ahead. You may be harboring the feeling of unwillingness to conform to rules. You are slow to change and often find it hard to do until it’s to late. You are the last to know.important to you, or past patterns may repeat themselves.
XIII - Death
Position : Strength
Meaning : This is a major card in the game of life for Endings. This card is an abrupt stop. As if one would a draw line or to clean away something. Unexpected change. Sometimes the end is surprisingly fast. This card reminds us of what we need to let go or stop doing. This card always gives me a letting go feeling. Make way for the new. Everyone respects the power of the death card. This card is the red light card. Stop!
Queen of cups
Position : Obstacle
Meaning : The Queen of Cups represents happiness, emotional satisfaction, pleasure and enjoyment of good times.
II - The priestess
Position : Outcome
Meaning : This is a major card in the game of life for Psychic abilities. This is the lady of Intuition and awareness. This is a strong feminine energy card. She is all knowing in her wisdom of foresight. So too are you, strong in your visions and your awareness. This card reminds you to remember what you already know. This card tells you to see what is hidden from plain sight. You should relay on your feelings when you not sure in the situation.

So it's clear (I'm always amazed to see how clear the cards can be... XD) I have to stop talking about making my life better and learning ways to be a better person and act ! So I'll be the priestess I always wanted to be !

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on February 24, 2011 at 7:36am
thats a good thing thanks GO for it! whats holding you back ? BB
Comment by Janny Lemay-Normand on February 26, 2011 at 8:24am
There is so many things to begin... Like something around ten new medics to take, sleeping less (I'm a sleep addict... There is sleep addict problem !!!), eating less, eating better, doing sports, pay my depts, economise, searching for a better job, making contact with my friends, making contact with family, reading all the books and magazines that I bought, taking notes on my Wicca's classes, studying japanese, studying russian, studying chinese, learn to have better english grammar... Stop procratinating... XD My head hurt only by thinking of all to do...


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