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2018 Correllian Global Lustration of the Ancestors

Join the Correllian Family with Special Guests
Arch Priestess Belladonna Laveau and Rev Dusty Dionne HP of Aquarian Tabernacle Church.
Lady Belladonna and Lord Dusty will present the following workshops;

Seance - Lady Belladonna Laveau - Now when the veil is thin, witches know it is time to talk with our ancestors. Do you have loved ones that have passed? Do you have questions that are left unanswered? Are you simply curious? Come and join us this evening to cross the veil and speak to the dead. Invite your loved ones to communicate with us in Sacred Space. This is a psychically intense ritual, that will be contained within the space of 1 hour for the health of the medium.

Practical Shape-shifting - Lord Dusty Dionne
Learn how we, each and every one of us, is a shape-shifter. Once you understand how you already shift in daily life, it is easy to become exactly what you need to be to thrive in every environment. There are many meditations and vision quests that are designed to connect you to your power guides, and allow you the power to transcend into their form. This class will be different in that you will not be meditating, but learning how to control the fact that you already embody that which you envision every second, of every day, and how to expand on that to encompass current and future needs.

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